Ruffled Sleeve Blush Blouse and White Jeans

Hi my friends! I’ve missed you. I took Monday off. Well actually I kinda took the whole weekend off. We went to Oklahoma to visit Kent’s mom and got to spend time with some of our dearest friends. You know the kind? You can be away from each other for…

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Plaid for the Holidays or Anyday

Are you still wearing your white jeans? Contrary to popular belief in the past, it’s really okay to wear them after Labor Day. I promise. You aren’t going to get a ticket or be kicked out of the once a southern girl, always a souther girl club. In fact I…

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Transitioning White For Fall

Happy Fall y’all! I swear that phrase is everywhere I look these days. I think it’s just fun to say. Our weather felt like anything but fall this weekend, it’s still nice and warm but I think that’s only going to last a few more days and then we’re going…

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Beauty and Versatility in a Blouse

Good Monday morning friends! A new week, a clean slate, a do-over of sorts. That’s what every Monday brings with it. I guess if you can look at it that way, then it’s not so bad that the weekend is over. There are still days of summer left to enjoy,…

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Gingham And White For The Win

Happy hump day friends! Whoa, it feels like I haven’t done a fashion post in quite some time. Well that’s about to change. I ordered several things from LOFT and they finally started arriving. I love, love, love LOFT, but it seems their shipping is a bit sloooow. Good news…

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