Sweet Swing Dress

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope your week is going as well as mine. We are enjoying every single second of our vacation. We get up every morning and walk 4 miles, change clothes and head down to the pool/beach, come in late afternoon and clean our sandy selves up and…

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Another Cute Loft Top

 Oh my goodness, this is the best! I totally don’t know what day it is. That means vacation is going EXCELLENT! I did figure it out though, and so good Monday morning friends. Raise your hand if you wish you could be on vacation all the time! You can’t see…

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Gingham And White For The Win

Happy hump day friends! Whoa, it feels like I haven’t done a fashion post in quite some time. Well that’s about to change. I ordered several things from LOFT and they finally started arriving. I love, love, love LOFT, but it seems their shipping is a bit sloooow. Good news…

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Friday Favorites #109

Hey friends! Summer is finally officially started and I’m already grieving that it will end too soon. Weird that I feel that way since I don’t even have kids at home anymore, but summer is my FAVORITE. I guess it’s fitting I’d declare that on Friday. HA! We will also…

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Floral Dress For Summer

Happy Hump Day ladies! (and Dad & Kent…the only men who read this. HA!) We’re half through the week. Aren’t you so glad I told you that, because I’m sure you hadn’t figure it out on your own. #captainobvious Today I’m sharing the cutest floral dress, you’ve probably seen on…

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