Floral and Tropical with Ageless Style

Welcome to Floral and Tropical with Ageless Style. First off, if you’re new around here, WELCOME. Second, if you don’t know what Ageless Style is, let me fill you in. The first Tuesday of every month, ten over 40 bloggers present a different style theme and show a myriad of…

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The Most Versatile Jumpsuit Ever (that’s not really a jumpsuit)

Hi friends! Well y’all loved my floral “jumpsuit” I shared last week almost as much as I do. As promised, I have 7 different outfits using these two pieces to share with you. I had no idea these would be so versatile when I ordered them, but oh what a…

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Floral Dress For Summer

Happy Hump Day ladies! (and Dad & Kent…the only men who read this. HA!) We’re half through the week. Aren’t you so glad I told you that, because I’m sure you hadn’t figure it out on your own. #captainobvious Today I’m sharing the cutest floral dress, you’ve probably seen on…

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