Summer Fun with Essential Oils

For some kids, schools been out over a month, and then there are some that have only been out a couple of weeks. Whether is the first or second scenario, never fear, this months subscription box from Simply Earth is all about summer fun with essential oils. We are making…

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Summer and Using Essential Oils

Schools out for summer…well, most places that is. There are still a few stragglers just buying their time, and bless those poor teachers. What’s your favorite thing about summer? I’ll tell you mine. The sun!!! I know, I know. The sun gets a bad wrap a lot of the time,…

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Friday Favorites #149- Pets and Essential Oils Edition

Hey y’all! It’s that time again. Time to share the Simply Earth Essential Oils monthly subscription box, so instead of our regularly scheduled Friday Favorites, we’re going to talk oils. Did you know essential oils are not just for humans, but also for our furry friends? I honestly never really…

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Make Your Home Natural with Simply Earth Essential Oils

Hey y’all! Are you a spring cleaner? Me? Not so much. I’m more of a keep clean all the time kind of girl. If you do fall in the camp of spring cleaning, then this post just might tickle your fancy. More and more I am hearing people talk about…

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Making Your Own Makeup, the Simply Earth Way

Hey friends! Today I’m going to share with you the February subscription box from Simply Earth. In case you’ve forgotten or haven’t heard, Simply Earth is an essential oil company that offers a monthly subscription box. Such a cool idea, if I do say so myself. You can read my…

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