What I’ve Been Wearing

Who knew we’d end up spending most of spring in our homes? It’s made shopping, trying on, and blog posts a little more challenging. I had bought quite a few things with spring, graduation, and travel in mind, only to realize they weren’t needed. At the beginning of this whole…

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Tie-Dye Top and Comfy Pants

Well a lot can happen in 2 days. We were notified Monday afternoon that the Bay Area was going into a mandatory shelter in place for the next 3 weeks. This is uncharted waters for all of us. Here’s the silver lining for me, Katie is at home. I would…

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Fashion You Can Live In

How do you like to dress when the days are warmer? Fussy fashion or easy breezy looks? Me? I go for easy breezy every single time. Well I have found fashion you can live in, for women with busy schedules, and made for us, real women. I shared XCVI with…

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The Perfect Run Around Outfit

Happy Wednesday friends! I’m in one of my happy places, and tonight I get to have dinner with my kids. YAHOO!!! Nothing thrills a mama more than time with her (grown) babies. I’ve got the perfect run around outfit to share with you today, and it’s also our Style Six…

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XCVI Hoodie and White Jeans

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend…and a little less windy than ours was. It was CA-RAZY windy here, but hopefully today will be more normal. Remember last month when I shared this hoodie from XCVI? Well I’ve got at least two more ways to style it, (so…

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