October’s Top 10 Sellers

Hi friends and happy Friday!! Here we are at the end of another month, and from here on out it is FULL. SPEED. AHEAD! It’s going to feel like we’re in one of those cars that goes from zero to 100 in the snap of a finger. Seeing as how…

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August’s Top Ten Sellers

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing August’s top ten sellers. These are good! Y’all purchased some of my personal favorites. I don’t think I need to say a lot about them, but I’ll briefly touch on each item. If you haven’t bought some of these, maybe this will be just the…

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June’s Top 10 Sellers

Hey friends and happy Friday, or maybe I should say Happy July! Can you EVEN believe we are here…4th of July weekend? I have that song going through my head that’s popular and say’s “it feels like summer”, by Samuel Jack. Anywhoooo, let’s take a look at June’s top 10…

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November’s Top Sellers

Hi friends and happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. I did some more online shopping, and now I really need to get in the room with my stash of gifts, make a list of who’s getting what, and figure out if I’m done or do I need…

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Augusts Top 10 Sellers

Hi friends! Y’all, we have been having the most unbelievable temperatures here. Triple digits over the long weekend and I swear it feels like we’re living on the face of the sun. LOL Sunday the high was 113°. So Crazy. Another month has passed and that can only man one…

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