Gift Guides and Best Sellers

Hi friends!! It’s time for more gift guides and best sellers. Today I’ve got two new gift guides. I had a request for gifts around or under $25 and I figured a guide to help out with adult daughter-girls, would be a good idea. I also wanted to take a…

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October’s Top Sellers

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share October’s top sellers in two categories. Amazon fashion, and let’s call it regular fashion. HA! We’ll start with “regular” fashion. TARGET POLO STYLE SWEATER – Every time I wear this, I get compliments. It’s so cute, and the softness is just amazing. FLORAL…

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September’s Top 10 Sellers

Happy Monday!!! The first week of October is the perfect time to look back at September’s top 10 sellers. This week also kicks of the “birthday season” in our house. We just celebrated Kent’s, and Friday is mine. Our 30th anniversary is the 10th, and Katie will turn 25 on…

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Last Weeks Top Sellers

Hi friends and happy Wednesday. I’m getting in the swing of recapping the last weeks top sellers here on the blog. I love seeing what you are buying, and I’m guessing you might find it interesting too. Maybe it even validates your purchases. HA! Not that we need validation. We…

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May’s Top Sellers

Happy June 1st friends! Summer has arrived in Nashville, and it’s warm and I’m so happy. It’s also time to take a look back at May’s top sellers. I love every single one of these pieces, and you obviously did too. WHITE TUNIC || BLACK TOP || WHITE EYELET TOPOVERALLS…

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