The Weirdest Easter Weekend

Hey y’all! Welcome to the weirdest Easter weekend and of course Friday Favorites. Are you with me? It doesn’t really feel Eastery (let’s just pretend that’s a word), but I’m going to go with it. I’ll be totally honest and tell you that not having to worry about what to…

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Easy Weeknight Meals

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Ours? We just stayed home. LOL So I thought y’all might want to see the easy weeknight meals we’ve been having during our house arrest, a.k.a shelter in place, a.k.a quarantine, a.k.a time out, and a.k.a being grounded. Whatever you want to call it,…

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Shelter In Place Friday Favorites

Hi friends! Well this has been some kind of week. Wouldn’t you agree? We’ve made it to Friday though, and that’s something to celebrate. Friends, I know this is an ominous time we are in. No one knows what to expect or how long this thing will last, but life…

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The Best Beer Braised BBQ

Well in this time of craziness, we all need some yummy comfort food. And as long as we’re stuck at home, there’s no better time to kill two birds with one stone. So today I’m sharing one of our family favorites. The best beer braised BBQ. If you are making…

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Easy, Healthy Weeknight Dinner

Hi guys! I’ve got an easy, healthy weeknight dinner to share with you. I’d love to say I’m a meal planner, but truth is I’m not. I was when my kids were little, but these days I eat according to my mood. I also dress according to my mood, so…

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