What’s Going on Coast to Coast

Hey friends and happy Friday. I’ve got a slew of randomness to share with you. A Friday Favorites of sort. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those, so let’s see just what’s been going on Coast to Coast. I ordered this dress to go with these boots…

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What to Buy from the Nordstrom Sale

Hi friends! Well it’s that time of year. The “biggest” sale in retail is happening this month and that means I’m sharing what to buy from the Nordstrom sale. If you’re not familiar with the Nordstrom sale, it’s a sale that has merchandise for the upcoming fall season on sale.…

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My Take on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hey friends! Happy Monday! Well I’m guessing by now you’ve heard it’s time for the yearly Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and if I’m going to call myself any kind of “influencer” I have to at least acknowledge it. HA! So today I’m sharing my take on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Here’s…

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My Favorite Pair of Joggers

Happy Wednesday friends. Do y’all realize today is the 13th, and we are just zooming right through January? I mean seriously, where does the time go? Thank heavens my Apple watch displays the date, or I might never know what it actually is. Have you bought into the jogger trend…

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End of August Friday Favorites

Seriously friends…How can it already be the end of August? I really feel like 2020 has been the year that wasn’t. All the memes are so right, and thank heavens laughter is the best medicine! Every single week I sit down to do a Friday Favorites post, and every single…

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