Precious Summer Dress

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! Well, I’m hittin’ the road air today and heading to see my peeps. I can’t wait. I’ve got my masks, wipes, and hand sanitizer all ready. Wish me luck! Before I go though, I want to share this precious summer dress, that is nothing short of…

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Sweet Summer Dress

I bet if there’s one thing y’all have figured out about me, it’s that I love summer and all things that come with it. That includes all the sweet summer dresses, and it seems one of the best places to find cute, affordable summer dresses is Target. They continually bring…

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Friday Favorites and All the Sales

Hey friends! Happy Friday! If you saw my IG story this week, then you already know my mind is B L O W N that this weekend is Memorial Day. Without a doubt, for most of us, this will go down as one of the strangest ever. Today’s post is…

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Cute Summer Shorts Outfit

Happy Wednesday friends. Remember back in the day when you could go out wherever you wanted, whenever you wanted with no worries…a few long short months ago? Well hopefully this summer will be a reprise of that, and we’ll be able to wear all the clothes we’ve been buying while…

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What I’ve Been Wearing

Who knew we’d end up spending most of spring in our homes? It’s made shopping, trying on, and blog posts a little more challenging. I had bought quite a few things with spring, graduation, and travel in mind, only to realize they weren’t needed. At the beginning of this whole…

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