What I’ve Been Wearing

Hi friends! Today I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been wearing lately. But first, I have to mention that today is Benny’s 27th birthday. That means it’s his “Golden Birthday” since today is the 27th. It’s also kind of a triple whammy, because I was 27 when he…

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Yesterday’s Sunday Style

Hi friends!!! You know, It seemed like January and February lasted forever. Now it feels like April is going by so fast. I can’t believe we’re in the last week of the month. Today I’m sharing yesterday’s Sunday style. I just received this beautiful safari dress from Chico’s. I saw…

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Basics are Always Best

Hi friends! What’s your favorite thing to wear? Do you prefer color or neutrals? Basics or unique pieces? There are certain things every woman should have in her closet, in my humble opinion. I think basics are always best. Among those basics are a good white blouse, a denim jacket…

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Pretty Colors for Spring

Hi friends!!! I keep saying I’m going to will it to be spring. If I wear enough pretty colors for spring, it will happen. Right? I recently got this beautiful abstract print tunic. When I ordered it, I thought it would be cotton, but as it turns out it’s a…

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Spring Shoes and Pajamas

Hi friends and Happy February 1st. Kidding…April Fools. HA! I did actually type that by mistake and thought, “well I’ll just leave it”. Are you a big fan of April Fools jokes? I can take them or leave them. No joking about todays post. I’m sharing a few of my…

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