Last Weeks Top Sellers

Hi friends and happy Wednesday. I’m getting in the swing of recapping the last weeks top sellers here on the blog. I love seeing what you are buying, and I’m guessing you might find it interesting too. Maybe it even validates your purchases. HA! Not that we need validation. We…

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Amazon Travel Must Haves

Hi friends! Happy Monday! It’s easy to think summer is drawing to a close when all the fall sales start happening, but that is not the case. We’ve still got some runway left, and today I’ve rounded up some Amazon Travel must haves. Over the last 10 years, our family…

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Amazon Prime Day Deals

Hi friends! I gotta confession to make. All these sales are wearing me out. Nobody loves a deal more than this girl, but having Amazon Prime Day deals the same time as the Nordstrom sale is killing me. HA! Yesterday on LiketoKnowit and Instagram, I shared a lot of great…

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It’s Almost Amazon Prime Days

Hi friends! Happy Monday! Well, we’ve got the Nordstrom sale going on, and if that isn’t enough, it’s almost Amazon Prime days. The Prime day sales are 2 days of great deals. I’ll be posting about them on Instagram, but today I’m sharing my most recent Prime Wardrobe and a…

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Amazon 4th of July Fashion

Hi friends! We are a week away from the beginning of July, so today I’m bringing you Amazon 4th of July fashion finds. I love that you can basically wait until the last minute, and still get things in time when you shop through Amazon. I can be a bit…

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