First Friday Favorites of February

First Friday Favorites of February. Say that 10 times fast. LOL! That’s a mouthful. I’m pretty excited about what I’ve got to share with you today. This week brought some good great stuff. I’m also linking up with these girls for…. So much to love in one photo. First of…

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Amazon Sweater and Style Six Linkup

Happy Wednesday friends. This one is going to be short and sweet. You know the story, girl sees sweater all over Instagram, and girl has to order sweater. LOL! So today I present you with yet another Amazon sweater, and Style Six linkup. Yep, I had to do it. This…

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What I’m Amazoning

I’ve told y’all if you want me to read something, just slap the word Amazon on it. HA! I went from a girl who never even thought about shopping on Amazon, to a girl who probably hits the site several times a day. Go figure. Are you ready to see…

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Coast to Coast This Week

Hey guys and happy Friday! What a week. Monday started off with a BANG, and not like a confetti bang, but more like a car backfire. HA! Anyway, thankfully we’re moving on. So what brought happiness at Coast to Coast this week? Let’s find out. I feel like I start…

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Prime Wardrobe Try-On

Have you tried Prime Wardrobe yet? You can choose from certain items and have up to 8 sent to you to try. You have 7 days to think about it. Keep what you like, and you’ll be charged for those. Return the rest. It doesn’t get much easier than that.…

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