Weekly Roundup

Hi friends and Happy Friday to you. This weekly roundup is coming to you from Oklahoma. Kent and I met here this weekend to “visit his mom”, but we get to stay with some of our dear friends…and that’s the fun part! There are friendships you make that at the time you have no idea just what they will mean to you. That’s what this one is. We had babies together, and have been friends for 28 years. So precious!

What you may have missed…

  • Every week brings a new batch of Reels on Instagram. This week I shared 3 looks from Chico’s here. It’s hard to pick a favorite piece, but if I had to it would be this sweater.
  • Monday I shared an in store Loft try on. They’ve go so many great pieces coming in for spring and new Lou & Grey athleisure line. To see those pieces and find out sizing and my thoughts, click here.
  • When I flew yesterday I wore one of my Spanx Air Essentials outfits. These are so perfect for travel. The comfort is crazy good. You can use my discount for any purchases on the Spanx website. Just enter LISAXSPANX at checkout. Helpful tip: when using the bathroom during travels, grab the hem of your pants and pull above your knees to keep them from touching the nasty floor. (Hope that’s not TMI…but you’re going to want to think about that.)

In the Kitchen…

  • There’s nothing better on a cold night than some comfort food. I have been a fan of Southern Living recipes for years and years. This one for Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie sounds delicious.
  • There’s nothing worse than starting a recipe and realizing you don’t have an ingredient like…heavy cream. Here are 7 substitutions you can use instead.
  • Oh my gosh, when I saw this recipe I got excited. HA! We love pancakes, and I would never have thought to turn them into a breakfast/brunch casserole.
  • Here’s a super quick and easy recipe for a semi healthy muffin/treat. I made these this week and of course shared them on IG (Have I convinced you to follow along over there? That’s where you can get a good look at my everyday life. HA!) These are made with a sugar free cake mix so it cuts the calories and carbs, and the other main ingredient is a can of pumpkin. So we can say they are semi-healthy. 😉 You can see another version of it here.
Weekly roundup

Let’s talk sales….

Keeping this weekly roundup short y’all. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Nancy
    January 21, 2023 / 4:27 pm

    I’m sorry to post this here, but I’ve searched for an unsubscribe link and I can’t find one. Please unsubscribe me from your posts. Nothing personal, just way too many emails from everywhere that I’m not able to pay attention to.
    Thank you.

    • Lisa
      February 1, 2023 / 8:43 am

      I just went in to unsubscribe you, but you must have figured out how. Keep in touch. XO

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