Weekly Round Up- Happy New Year

Hi friends! I hope the first week of your new year has treated you well and you are back in the swing of things. At the beginning of the week, I was having a hard time remembering what day it was. This is weekly round up #5, and I thought of quite a few things I wanted to share with you today, but of course I didn’t write them down. Wouldn’t you think I’d learn?? HA!

What’s new this week…

  • Monday I posted about 4 popular Amazon sweaters. I’m here to tell you if you haven’t tried some of the sweaters from Amazon, you are missing out. They have got some really good options. You can find some of my favorites on my Amazon Storefront.
  • I also shared these REELs that all feature said Amazon sweaters. You can watch all of those REELS here.
  • In the last weekly round-up I shared about a new brand I’m working with called Eby. They are actually a subscription company. I’m really liking the panties I’ve received from them. They are seamIess with a no slip grip technology. I also really like the bodysuit I received and already shared, and a new reversible tank. This month they are offering 50% off the first subscription box. If the subscription isn’t for you, you can use my code LISA15 on any full price pieces.
    • • What’s an EBY Subscription?
    • • 3 panties delivered every 3 months for $39
    • 50% off your first subscription box for the entire month of January. That’s make it under $20
    • • New colors and prints in each box.
    • PERKS
    • • Panties always on discount
    • • Save 40% on each box
    • • Members only pricing (never pay full price)
    • • Save 20% on any order you place while you’re a subscriber
    • • Never run out of clean panties!
    • • Make an impact with the one decision you make every morning, the underwear you put on
    • • Customize your box each month with the style/color/print you want – cancel at any time!
    • • If your first order doesn’t fit perfectly, EBY is committed to getting you in the perfect fit! 100% Fit guarantee!
    • • FREE shipping always!

      This is the Eby bodysuit…the smile says it all😉
EBY bodysuit

A few of my favorite things….

  • These sneakers are a fan favorite and definitely one of mine. I find myself wearing them several times a week, and I have two pairs to choose from. I’m really considering adding a third pair.
  • I have several pieces of jewelry I wear on the daily. This pair of earrings comes in three sizes, and I have the medium and large. They are super lightweight and I love them.
  • This is totally random, but I love a very fine point pen. These are my favorites and the only ones I really use.
  • I shared on IG this week the protein shake I make for both a meal replacement and yummy treat. I’m going to make a REEL soon. This is the “blender” I use to make them. Katie and I use this thing all the time.
  • Our favorite bras at Soma are BOGO 50% off. There are also some really cute new Valentine’s pjs on the website.

What’s coming up…

  • The Chit Chat Chic girls have hosted one book club for Chico’s, and one on our own. We’re hosting another one for Chico’s on the 26th of this month at 2 PM CST. If you’d like to join us, we’d be thrilled. The book we’re reading is “The Last Thing He Told Me” by Laura Dave.
  • I have another collaboration with Chico’s later this month, and I can’t wait to share the styles with YOU. These are some really good pieces, and I think you’re going to love them.
  • Speaking of Chico’s, they are having their Semi-Annual sale and some pieces are up to 70% off. These jeans are included and I can vouch for how good they are. PS, act surprised if this outfit shows up here next week. I just realized I haven’t shared it yet.
Chicos semi annual sale

Buying and wanting…

  • I told Katie I’d let her know what I want for Christmas, and I’ve decided on a Lululemon crossbody bag. Late to the party…but I’m showing up. HA!
  • I ordered these boots and really like them. They run slightly long so I’m debating ordering a half size down.
  • Katie just got this pair of sneakers and is raving about them.
  • I recently got this credit card holder and I LOVE it. Fits perfectly in little bags.

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  1. January 6, 2023 / 6:37 am

    I am late to the Lululemon belt bag party too but now I kinda want one. Story of my life!!!

  2. Terry
    January 6, 2023 / 5:17 pm

    LOVED this post!! SO much great information!

  3. January 8, 2023 / 11:28 am

    haha I knew that link was going to be for the G-2!! I have such strong feelings against them, just because a fine point doesn’t do my handwriting any favors. I am a medium point girl! But as soon as you said “I love a very fine point pen,” I could picture your Christmas card envelope and it made total sense. Your handwriting does look nice with a fine pen! 😀 Hope you’re having a great weekend, Blog Mom! xoxox

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