Cute Christmas Pajamas for Women

Hi friends! The first weekend in December has come and gone. I feel like this is the fastest month all year, and I would like it to be the slowest. I’m a huge fan of new Christmas pjs, so todays post is all about cute Christmas pajamas for women.

Do you get new Christmas pjs every year? If you do, where do get them? I’ve practically got a pair for every day of the week, and I love them all. It doesn’t matter if you like a regular cotton, a knit or something more silky. I’ve got you covered, and all price points as well.

Victoria Dunn Christmas Pajamas

These were a very pleasant surprise. I almost passed on them when I read the fabric content, but decided to take a chance. I’ve never been able to sleep in any kind of slinky, silky fabric. To be totally honest, it makes me sweat. These fit that description, but minus the sweat. HA! I actually really like them. They feel kinda like a second skin, and are super cute. OH, and they have short sleeves, so perfect for those of us with inner thermostat issues.

Soma Christmas Pajamas

You know I’m a huge fan of all things Soma, including pajamas. This year I got two new pairs from them, and love them both. I ordered mediums because some of the reviews said they ran slightly small and I definitely don’t want to be confined when I’m relaxing. I really could have gone with my normal small, but they are very comfy. These are currently 30% off.


Cozy Earth Pajamas

These are Cozy Earth pajamas that are actually from last year, but the never go out of style. Maybe you aren’t a fan of a Christmas color or print, but want a nice pair of pajamas. These might be the ones you’re looking for. You can use my code COAST40 for 40% off. AND if you missed this post where I shared gift ideas for parents, you might want to check it out. There are several Cozy Earth items that make fabulous gift ideas.

Cozy Earth Christmas pajamas

PrintFresh Christmas Pajamas

If it’s super cute and fun prints and colors you’re looking for, then PrintFresh is definitely the answer. These pajamas just make me H A P P Y. I wear this brand more than any other brand. I love the cami style year round, but the long sleeve pajamas are perfect when we have company or are visiting friends and relatives. I wear a PrintFresh robe everyday when I’m getting ready while I do my hair and makeup. This one is a nice light flannel, and perfect for warmth without overheating. You can use my code COASTTOCOAST2 for 15% off. You will get tons of compliments in the jammies.


Loft Pajamas

These are also a lightweight flannel and super cute. They are true to size and I’m wearing a small in both the top and bottoms. I like the shorter sleeves too, since this time of life comes with it’s own summer. LOL These are currently on sale 40% off.

Target Christmas pajamas for the family

This pair is a light flannel from Target and you can get them for everyone in the entire family from baby to grandma and grandpa. They even have them for your dog and they’re 40% off this week.

Now here’s the big question…which pair is your favorite? Do you have a tradition of giving the girls in your family new pajamas on Christmas Eve? We usually do, and I can’t wait until the time when I get to buy little versions for some sweet little babies. Eeekkk…I still have some time to go, but a girl can dream.

Shop cute Christmas pajamas for women

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  1. December 5, 2022 / 5:53 am

    Great round up of jammies! I love my Print Fresh so much, anytime they go on sale I grab them. The Victoria Dunn set looks so luxurious!

  2. December 5, 2022 / 2:50 pm

    Loving those Victoria Dunn pjs!! All of these are really cute.

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