What to Buy from the Nordstrom Sale

Hi friends! Well it’s that time of year. The “biggest” sale in retail is happening this month and that means I’m sharing what to buy from the Nordstrom sale. If you’re not familiar with the Nordstrom sale, it’s a sale that has merchandise for the upcoming fall season on sale. Once the sale is over, the prices go back up to normal. There are basics included in the sale every year, and this is a great time to stock up, replace, and purchase gifts.

There are certain items I look for every year. Boots, booties and shoes are at the top of the list. One of my favorite workout brands is a Nordstrom house brand called Zella. I’ll share my top picks for these pieces. There are also coats, bags, denim and tops and sweaters included in the sale as well.

I’ve broken my sale picks down into categories. I’m not buying all of these by any means, but they are the things that caught my eye. I’ll put an asterisk by items I already own or plan to purchase.

You can click on the links below pictures or the widgets with pictures to buy any of these things from the Nordstrom sale.

Neutral shoes! You can’t go wrong. The way I set this up, I think you should have a pair from each row. A sneaker, cute flat/mule, a bootie, and a boot.

There are a lot of beauty items in the sale year after year, and these are just a few of them. I’ve never tried the Donna Karen deodorant, but I know quite a few bloggers who swear by it. The Olaplex kit is always a sell out, and the the Charlotte Tilbury lip kit is super popular. I want to try the Trish McEvoy under eye concealer. The Tom Ford Rose Prick perfume is one of my favorites and Kent loves it too.

Zella is one of my favorite brands of active wear. I have quite a few of these pieces and I’m planning to replace one pair of leggings. There are also some Spanx pieces I’m planning to purchase. I love the Zella joggers on the top row!!!

This sale is a great time to pick up a sweater or two, a new pair of jeans, and something Barefoot Dreams. If you’ve never felt the Barefoot Dreams line, it is CRAZY soft.

Cute tops and dresses. They’re are quite a few dresses that will look really cute with these boots or these.

Nordstrom sale women
DRESS || DRESS || DRESS | DRESS (I think I might order all of these to try on)

There are a lot of good gifts under the home tab. Whether you get them for wedding gifts, friends birthdays or gifts for grown kids at Christmas.

Coats and jackets are more items that are a good idea to get during the sale.

And lastly, accessories are always a big category for this sale. It’s a great time to grab a new bag, sunglasses, hat or earrings.

OKAY, that’s a wrap! If you’re shopping this sale, I hope this post on what to buy from the Nordstrom sale helps. I’d also love it if you came back to this post to shop when it’s your time. You can click on this link, and it will take you to the site. Anything you purchase will convert to a sale for me. It doesn’t cost you anything at all, but it helps me to make a little money from affiliate commissions. Anything you purchase from this post, will also be credited to me if you don’t click on links from another influencer before you check out. I know all of this is new to some people and can be confusing, but this is how influencers like myself make our living. I thank you for supporting me in this way!!!!❤️

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  1. Laura
    July 8, 2022 / 6:59 am

    Love your list, Lisa! I’ll be back! I use the Olaplex products and love them! Looks like Flower Power is making a comeback!! Have a great weekend! Miss you!

  2. Rachel
    July 9, 2022 / 6:54 am

    Lisa – how tall are you? I thought you were petite, like me, and I saw you bought the Mother Hustler jeans. Will you have to shorten them?

  3. July 9, 2022 / 9:01 am

    This is quite a comprehensive–and dangerous–list, haha! I don’t think I’ve bought from the Nordstrom Sale since like 2015. It’s just not a big store for me (though I used to frequent the Nordstrom Rack near work!). I didn’t know they sold the Beis line, though! I guess I’m getting sucked in, haha! Happy weekend, Blog Mom! 🙂

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