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Hi friends! I guess if you’ve been around for a bit, you know I have a real love for Avara. It’s a little boutique in Texas, and they have the absolute cutest fashions that you won’t find anywhere else. I like having fun pieces in my closet that I don’t pass on the street. This weekend there is a birthday sale going on at Avara to celebrate being in their store for 2 years. I have several pieces that are included in the sale, and I wanted to share them with. I think you may have seen them all, but some things bear repeating.

I think most every girl likes a twirl factor. Remember when you were little twirling in a circle to make your dress fly out? There’s a little girl inside us all, and I still enjoy a good twirl from time to time. This dress is precious, purple and has pockets. That’s almost a tongue twister. You can find the original post here.

This one is adorable. It has one of my favorite characteristics…smocking. You know how I love smocking. I’ve worn this one quite a bit this summer.

I have always been drawn to the color hot pink, but I don’t wear it all that frequently. I decided to get this blouse with the big ruffles in it, and love it. Honestly, it reminds me a little of my Jr. prom dress. You know back in the 80’s we loved us some big ruffles, big hair, and big shoulder pads. Ah, those were the days.

Avara ruffle blouse

This is another darling ruffled top, and not only does it have the big ruffles at the shoulder, but also at the neck. There is also this cute trim on the ruffles at the shoulders. There’s just so much to love in the details.

Avara ruffles make me happy

These are the only sale items, so make sure you check the Avara site and score some deals. If you purchase something full price, you can use my code COAST15 for 15% off.



There are still many more styles to pick up on sale, so check the website here!

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