Spring Shoes and Pajamas

Hi friends and Happy February 1st. Kidding…April Fools. HA! I did actually type that by mistake and thought, “well I’ll just leave it”. Are you a big fan of April Fools jokes? I can take them or leave them. No joking about todays post. I’m sharing a few of my current favorite spring shoes and pajamas, and throwing in a few accessories to boot.

Wednesday night on Chit Chat Chic we all shared some of these, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out if you aren’t on Instagram. The CCC girls are also sharing some of their favorites on their blogs today as well.

Let’s start with spring shoes, jewelry and hats. A few of these are new and some are repeats. That means I really love them. 😉

Spring shoes and accessories


DOLCE VITA FLATS – I have been wearing Tory Burch Millers the last 3-4 years almost daily once spring arrives until fall. I still absolutely love them, but decided to add these to my closet.

DOLCE VITA HEALS – I eyed these all last summer. They were the “IT” sandal and IT appears that this year they are again. I bit the bullet and bought them. The heel height is good. Not too tall, but a definite heel.

PANAMA HAT – This is my favorite style hat for summer dresses and being out in the sun at the pool or beach.

BALL CAP – I also like to have a ball cap to grab for casual days, or when I’m out walking. I really try to wear a hat at all times if I’m going to be in the sun for very long to protect my face.

TURQUOISE BEADED EARRINGS – I just got these earrings and they are going to be so fun for summer.

STATEMENT NECKLACE – This is also a new piece, and I shared it in Wednesday’s Instagram post. It will be showing up here soon. It’s a really fun piece to add that something something to an outfit.

SQUARE EARRING – This pair of earrings is one of my most worn. They are super lightweight, and go with everything.

LARGE HOOP EARRINGS – This pair is the other pair I reach for over and over. They are surprisingly light and make a great statement.

HEART NECKLACE – This necklace is old news, but I wear it at least 3 -4 days a week, if not more.

This pair of sandals is on my wishlist. I saw them in New Orleans, and have been thinking about them ever since.


We also talked about our favorite pajamas or sleep items last night. If you’ve been around here any time at all, you know I am a H U G E fan of Soma Cool Nights pajamas and Print Fresh pajamas. I actually have a new pair from Soma and a new robe and PJs from Print Fresh to share with you soon, but for now, here are pictures of them.

Spring pajamas

SOMA COOL NIGHTS PAJAMAS – You know my love for Soma runs deep. I have a new pair to share with you soon. Hint: they’re in the picture😉 The fabric is amazingly soft, and really does somehow magically keep you cool. The Soma Cool Nights are separates, and I love that because I prefer a pair pjs bottoms and some kind of cami for the top. I just can’t sleep with anything on my arms since going through menopause.


PRINT FRESH PAJAMAS – My other favorites are Print Fresh pajamas. The Print Fresh are sets, and my favorite style is the cropped bottom and cami. I just don’t think you can look at these pajamas and robes and not feel happy. You can use this link and code COASTTOCOAST2 for 15% off at Print Fresh. I think these would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift idea. Speaking as a mom, we love having special jammies, but don’t necessarily want to spend the money. 😁 I also have two of the new prints that arrived yesterday to share with you soon, but here’s a sneak peak above.


What was your favorite out of the spring shoes and pajamas I shared

The CCC girls are doing they’re own versions of a favorites post, so make sure you check them out today too.

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  1. Joanne
    April 1, 2022 / 2:53 am

    That necklace is beautiful! I love those Cool Nights pj’s too. They are so soft and really do stay nice and cool.

  2. April 1, 2022 / 3:17 am

    I am crazy about my print fresh pieces and hope to get more. I just love the cotton and of course the pretty prints!

  3. Michele
    April 1, 2022 / 4:56 am

    I am a Soma Cool Nights gal…pants and a long/short sleeved top depending on the season. I also like to pair the pants with an old cotton t-shirt that has been washed a million times to become super soft (usually one of my husband’s so it is oversized and comfy).

    I had a pair of Sam Edelman slides with a buckle that I ended up returning because the buckle bothered me when I walked. I hope they work for you if you decide to get them because they are super cute.

    Have a great weekend

  4. April 2, 2022 / 2:35 pm

    I might need those turquoise hoops since we both pick the same hoops! lol

  5. April 3, 2022 / 10:16 am

    Thank goodness it’s not February 1st, haha! I am so ready for spring! The prints on those pjs are super cute! 🙂

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