January Amazon Purchases

Hey friend! Here we are, the last day of January 2022. So crazy. It feels like it’s been months since we celebrated Christmas. Is it just me, or do you feel that way? The end of the month means it’s time to look back and see what our January Amazon…

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Three New Amazon Sweaters

Hey y’all and a big happy Friday to you! The last Friday in January. Can’t say I’m mad about it. Now we can start inching our way to S P R I N G!!! Now that I’m here for. I’m also here for these three new Amazon sweaters. Is there…

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I Like Pink

I was trying to decide what to blog about today and thought about this REEL I recently did, and realized it would make for a good blog post. I like pink! Do you? I especially like pink as Valentine’s Day and spring start to approach. It’s pretty and happy, and…

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H&M for the Win

Hi friends!!! Have you shopped H&M lately? My impression of this retailer was cheaply made clothing for a long time, but I’ve come to realize it can be H&M for the win. You can find some really great pieces in store and even more on line. They offer a very…

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This Weeks Top Sellers

Hi friends! It’s Friday…again. This week went by pretty fast, or at least the last 3 days did. I love looking at the analytics and seeing just what resonated with you thins week, so I’m sharing this weeks top sellers. It brings me great joy when I see you’re enjoying…

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