Soft and Cozy for Me

Hi friends and happy Monday!!! We got a little snow this yesterday, and it was so pretty. I think you know by now that anything soft and cozy is for me. I seriously can’t get enough. One of my favorite retailers for soft and cozy pieces is Aerie. They really…

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Things I’ve Tried Recently

Hey friends!! Happy Friday to you. I’m home after spending 4 days with my mom and dad. It’s been fun seeing them again so quickly, even if the reason I came wasn’t the best. They’ve been sick and needed some help, so I flew in Saturday to lend a hand.…

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Camel Coat Closet Staple

Hi friends!!! Well that title is almost a tongue twister. Say camel coat closet staple 3 times fast. HA! No matter, I’m here to share my new longer length camel coat that should be a closet staple. I think every woman can benefit from having a nice camel coat in…

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Chico’s Quilted Leather Jacket

Hi friends! I always have to greet you with that or it just doesn’t feel right. Today I’m sharing this darling Chico’s quilted leather jacket.I’ve become a collector of jackets in the last year or so, mostly thanks to Chico’s. Maybe it’s contagious, because I swear my mom owns almost…

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My Current Favorite Booties

Hi friends and happy Friday!!! Guess what!?! We got SNOW. Like 6-8 inches of snow yesterday. It was so nice to snuggle up in the house and not be able to leave. Katie and I sat on the sofa ALL. DAY. LONG. Today I’m sharing my current favorite booties, and…

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