Accessory Trends for Spring 2021 – Part 1

Who would have ever thought this time last year the the entire landscape of our lives would look so different. Fashion may have made one of the most drastic changes it’s ever done in such a short time. Gone are the days of fussy fashion. Function and comfort and here to stay, at least for a while. This also means our accessory needs have changed, so today I thought we’d take a look at accessory trends for spring 2021, or at least some of them. Last Wednesday we looked at the Pantone colors for spring, so if you missed that post, check it out here.

Accessory Trends for spring 2021

While we don’t actually “need” many accessories with our more casual styles, that doesn’t stop us from wanting them. Accessories have taken on a completely new meaning and range from water bottles, to phone cases, to face masks, to comfortable shoes and knotted purses.

Having said all of this, it doesn’t mean we won’t still have occasions when we want to pull out a new trendy piece or two. So today let’s look at jewelry trends.

  • Colorful beads/beach beads
  • Thick chains with bold pendants
  • Updated Pearls
  • Statement Earrings
  • Textured Metal

Colorful beads, or beach beads are slated to be popular. I think we started to actually see these show up last summer. A lot of these remind me of the necklaces you see in all the little surf shops at the beach, but a little more sophisticated and classy. These are a great way to accent a color in your outfit or bring additional colors in.

colorful bead accessory trend 2021

I’m kind of excited about this next one. Larger scale chains with with baubles, and pendant necklaces are going to trend this spring and summer. I feel like I don’t wear my long pendant necklaces as much as I did a few years ago, so I’m happy I’ll have the opportunity to work those back into my rotation of necklaces.

Accessory Trends 2021 Statement necklace

Does anybody remember wearing pearls with everything back in the nineties? When I was in college we worth them with our sweatshirts and thought it was so cute. Looking back I’m not sure if we were cool and on trend, or looked like fools, but we thought we were on fire. HA! This is another category I’m not sad about. I do love pearls, and I’ve added some new pearl accessories lately. This necklace is my latest pearl obsession.

Accessory trends 2021 pearls

The last accessory category is statement earrings. YAY! Who doesn’t love a good statement earring? Hammered metals are showing up in both earrings and other pieces of jewelry, and I heard someone just recently say that silver is coming back too. Another YAY from me, because I have a ton of silver jewelry. I really like mixed metals like the pair in the collage that are silver, gold and hammered. The trifecta.

Ok friends, that does it for Accessory Trends for spring 2021 – Part 1. What are you most excited about out of these trends? Inquiring minds want to know.

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