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Hey y’all and happy Friday to ya’! Who has a 3 day weekend? Kent is off, so we do. Funny thing is we were talking that since he’s currently working from home, it really won’t feel much different. There’s also not much to do since so much is closed. I’m sure we’ll manage to do something though. Are you ready to find out what this weeks favorites were? Me too…LOL As I’ve told you before, I usually get ready to do these posts, and have no idea how they’ll turn out. I’m am a fly by the seat of my pants blogger.

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I love to share things with y’all that I am truly loving and enjoying. Meet Trinny London cosmetics and skincare. These were sent to my by the company to try, and I have been loving the way they make my skin look and feel. They are from the UK. Do you know who Trinny London is? Well technically she’s not Trinny London, she’s Trinny Woodall, and I didn’t know who she was until Kellyann told me. She was the original host on What Not To Wear. I thought that was kind of cool. I’m not going to go into detail on them today, because I’m going to devote an entire post to them, but I will tell you they are good products. (and I don’t make any kind of commission by sharing them)

Trinny London

Seeing as how we’re still not out of the woods as far as quarantine goes, I don’t think athleisure wear is going to go anywhere fast. To be quite honest, I think it’s become such a fan fav that it will be around long after we resume our lives. One place to grab great pieces at very reasonable prices is our beloved Target. I ordered a few pieces from their new “In Motion” line to try, and was very pleased. The joggers are really well made and super comfortable. I ordered a small and they fit great. The open front fleece cardigan was another great piece. Perfect for layering over workout clothes, pajamas, or even nice enough to wear over a shirt if you’re going to a place that might be cool. (You know, like the places we used to go and eat 😉 Then I also ordered this black semi-cropped sweatshirt. Again, well made, but not very flattering on me. If you are smaller through your hips, it would be really cute. I also got this new workout bra and love it.

And as long as we’re talking athleisure from Target, the kids gave Kent this pair of joggers for Christmas and he really likes them. Wednesday’s post I shared my favorite joggers.


I rounded up some cute spring Rae Dunn finds for this week. These will sell out quickly, so if you’re a Rae Dunner, add to cart. They are super cute.

Rae Dunn Favorites
TJMaxx and Marshalls


Another thing I like to do on is “room makeovers/looks”. Did you know what I really wanted to be when I grew up was an Interior Designer? It’s true. I settled for a minor in it, because the college I wanted to attend did not offer it as a degree at the time. My degree is Advertising with an Art emphasis. (sounds weird…I know) So anyway, I enjoy decorating, and doing design boards for inspiration.

Master Bedroom Makeover


I’m a mug lover. In the last few years, it’s become somewhat of an addiction. I found these adorable mugs at Target, and I’ve been using the heck out of em’. Seriously, they are so cute. And they’re not just for coffee. How about ice cream? A small bowl of cereal? Yogurt and berries. YES! YES! YES! I predict these sell out. They are only $10, and would also be so cute to give as gifts. Make two gifts from one set just by adding a hot cocoa bomb, tea or coffee. Or fill them with candy or cookies. I have so many cute ideas for these. They also come in another design you can see here.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day. Do you decorated for Valentine’s? I do a little. I’ve got it up already because I’m going out of town on the 15th for a few weeks, so I’ll take it down Valentine’s night. Here are some really cute things to help you shop and celebrate the season.

Valentine's Day Decor


Alrighty, I think that wraps up this weeks Friday favorites. I could go on, but I’ll stop. Hope y’all have a great weekend.

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