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Happy Friday friends! We had some gorgeous days here in Northern California this week, and it’s given my spring fever in a big way. I’d be fine with switching to Spring the day after Christmas if we could. Anyone else on board with that? Since that’s not possible, how about I share this weeks favorites at Coast to Coast?

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I posted this picture on Instagram this week. I find myself falling deeper in love with the color blush. I’ve added several pieces of blush clothing to my closet, and now I’m bringing it into my decor. I already shared this mug that’s part of a set with you last week, but now how about this C U T E pillow? I love it! The quality is really good, and the price is too. I think they’re selling out quickly, so don’t miss your chance.

Y’all know I love me some cozy pajamas. I certainly talk about them enough. Well I was 10 shades of excited when I was contacted and gifted these Cozy Earth pajamas. They’re bamboo and they are all kinds of soft. Who would ever think fabric made from bamboo would be so soft? I think it’s counterintuitive. They are comfy, have pockets and so pretty you want to wear them all day, every day. These would make a fantastic Valentine’s gift for yourself, so drop a hint to your Valentine. Tell him to use the code C2C20 for 20% off.


Go big or go home! If you like bamboo pajamas, you are going to L O V E bamboo sheets. Let me tell you a story. We stayed at our brother-in-laws house years ago, and he had the most comfortable sheets I’d ever slept on. When I asked him about them, he said they were…you guessed it. Bamboo. I have thought about those sheets ever since, and looked at them numerous times, but just wasn’t sure if they’d be as good. Well I am FOREVER A FAN! They are soft. So soft they border on feeling like silk. Every night I’m excited to get in bed. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth. These are definitely an investment, but I’m going to say they are worth the splurge. Again, use my code and receive 20% off.

Have you tried the Spanx faux leather leggings yet? This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about them, and it certainly won’t be the last. Yesterday I wore my camo pair. If I ever have to be stranded in a cool climate with only one pair of pants, Spanx leggings will be what I choose. I’m nothing if I’m not honest with y’all. The first few times I wore my Spanx faux leather leggings, I felt a little awkward and conspicuous. Well if you’re worried about that, just push through. Trust me, you won’t be sorry, and they worth every single penny.

Spanx Camo Leggings


I stopped in Trader Joe’s yesterday to pick up a few things, and brought these two hyacinth bulbs in bulb vases home with me. Have you ever smelled a hyacinth? They are so sweet and fragrant. I think these are the most clever little bulb holders ever. They are $2.99 at my TJ’s with the bulb in them. I should have bought 3, and I’ll probably try to get another one. I think I can use these to “force” bulbs indoors. Watch on Instagram and I’ll show you once they bloom.

Trader Joe's Finds

I’m pretty sure I’ve already shared this Colleen Rothschild skincare kit, but just in case I’m sharing it again, because the website is currently 25% off. I wanted to try some of these products to pair with my other skincare products. I’m so glad I did. The Sheer Renewal Cream is the first moisturizer I’ve ever been able to use during the day that doesn’t leave my skin greasy. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this. This kit is really a great way to try some of her most popular products. I’m also loving the cleansing balm, and I’m using the bag as my makeup bag. It’s well made and the perfect size.

This time I ordered the hair care kit. I’ve been wanting to try some of her hair products, and thought this would be a great way. The hair mask is supposed to be the BOMB. It sells out super fast every time there’s a sale. That’s what happened this time too, so I went for the kit. The serum is supposed to be really good too, and my hair is really dry on the ends, so I can’t wait to try these.

Alrighty, that’s a wrap. Thanks for stopping by and making me a part of your day. I’m truly honored and don’t take it lightly. I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

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