This Weeks Favorites at Coast to Coast

Happy Friday friends! We had some gorgeous days here in Northern California this week, and it’s given my spring fever in a big way. I’d be fine with switching to Spring the day after Christmas if we could. Anyone else on board with that? Since that’s not possible, how about…

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Fitness in Your 50’s

Hey friends! Today I’m back and joining some friends to share FITNESS ideas. This could be anything from what we wear, to what we eat, how we work out, literally anything related to fitness. I thought for my post I’d do a brief overview of fitness in your 50’s and…

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Taking the Day Off

Yep, you guessed it! I’m taking the day off. Why not? See you Wednesday for our Style Six linkup, and a blogger collaboration talking about FITNESS.

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This Weeks Favorites Were….

Hey y’all and happy Friday to ya’! Who has a 3 day weekend? Kent is off, so we do. Funny thing is we were talking that since he’s currently working from home, it really won’t feel much different. There’s also not much to do since so much is closed. I’m…

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My Favorite Pair of Joggers

Happy Wednesday friends. Do y’all realize today is the 13th, and we are just zooming right through January? I mean seriously, where does the time go? Thank heavens my Apple watch displays the date, or I might never know what it actually is. Have you bought into the jogger trend…

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