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Hey y’all!! Happy Friday! December is in full swing. Can you believe it? I’m counting the days until Katie gets home, and then right before Christmas, Benny and Erin will be coming for about 10 days. YAHOOOOOO!!! It’s that time of week, and so without further adieu, let’s get to Falala Friday Favorites.

Let’s start with a good gift idea…for anyone. What’s one thing we all do? (hopefully 😉 If you said brush your teeth, you’d be right. My last trip to the dentist they gave me a new battery operated toothbrush. It’s a Quip, and it uses very soft sonic vibrations, has a “quadrant timer” that lets you know when to switch areas of brushing, it’s waterproof so you can use it in the shower, and comes with a travel case. See, great gift idea. Funny thing, I was telling Katie about it and she said, “I’ve been wanting one of those. Erin has one”. So obviously, they are popular.

Quip Toothbrush

Yesterday I popped down to Target on a hunt for something I’d seen on my friend D’Arcy’s Instagram story. She shared all of these cute hot chocolate thingy-ma-bobs. They are so fun, and I bought almost every single one I could get my hands on. They aren’t online, but you can hopefully find them in the area of the store with all the Christmas candy. Grab a mug, some packages of hot cocoa and a few of these to make the perfect little hostess or neighbor gift.

We took a few walks down memory lane with Katie while we were in Richmond last week. One was to Maymont Park, and I wore one of my new favorite Patagonia sweater/sweatshirts. I was hesitant about buying this because I wasn’t sure how much I’d wear it. Well guess what? I wear it all the time. Both of my kids have them, and Erin…so I couldn’t be left out. HA! I paired it with my Spanx leggings, and y’all know how I feel about those. Oh, and the tee layered underneath is from Abercrombie.

Patagonia 1/4 Zip, Falala Friday Favorites


We also went to Williamsburg while we were in Richmond. I wore one of the latest additions to my closet, this Loft poncho. Y’all, it’s super duper soft and comfortable. Roomy, but not too boxy. I’m so dang excited that we can link to Loft again. You may not have even noticed, but I haven’t shared any Loft fashions in several months. They had filed for Chapter 11, and once that happens with a company, we can no longer link to them. I’m hopeful now that we can link again it’s good news for Loft. Yippee! OH, and can we just agree there’s nothing classier than a bathroom photo. LOL!!!

Loft Poncho


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This week I’ve been part of a giveaway on Instagram with some fabulous friends and brands. I hope you’ll hop over to my page, find this graphic and follow the instructions to enter. There are a lot of great prizes, you can break up and use as gifts, or keep for yourself. $100 Target gift card is included. Cha-Ching! Oh, and while you’re there, feel free to like my posts and leave a comment if you want. This helps me in the crazy algorithm game that is Instagram. UGH!!!

Okay gang, that’s it for Falala Friday Favorites. This week it’s short and sweet. Hope y’all have a great weekend.

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