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Tricky title, right? Let’s be honest. Y’all know me, and you know a sale is always a favorite. The closer we get to Thanksgiving (T-13 days), the more sales we’re seeing. It’s my job to get you all the information, the best deals, the things you need to buy, and the sometimes the things you don’t need. LOL Anyway, let’s talk about my favorite sales this Friday. Are you ready?

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First up, is Soma. They’re having a great Friends & Family sale and giving us 25% off. Now is the time to get those cute pjs, new panties, a good bra, and maybe a new robe.

Soma Pajamas

These are my newest Cool Nights pajamas. Aren’t they so cute? They’re crazy soft, and just like the description, they help me stay cool at night. I only sleep in cami style tops. #hotflashes This one has a beautiful v-inset of lace on the back. I swear it’s so pretty, I think you could wear it under a black blazer or sweater just as a top.

I’m linking several cute pairs of pajamas, my favorite panties (that don’t ride up, and no visible panty line…even with leggings) and of course my favorite bras.

This is a cute Amazon sweater. The knit is really nice, and it’s not bulky, so it would make for a great layering piece. As with a lot of Amazon pieces, it is different from the picture on the website. It looks like a tunic on the website, but it definitely isn’t tunic length. I even sized up to a medium. Having said that, as long as you don’t plan to wear it with leggings, you’ll be good to go.

Amazon sweater

This is the 3rd or 4th year I’ve had these metal ornaments made for our family. I order 3. One for us, one for Benny & Erin, and one for Katie. I envision a tree somewhere in our house eventually that houses all of these ornaments, and I can only imagine how cute they’ll be once there are some little people on them. Maybe then I’ll have them made for all the littles birthdays too. Shutterfly is having a sale, and these are 50% off, plus free shipping.


If you watch my Instagram stories, then you already know I have a “pick me up” coffee, every afternoon. I L O V E my Nespresso machine. This is a
K I L L E R deal. The pre-Black Friday sales are coming on strong, and this is one. Don’t hesitate friends, just go on and order it. The frother is included, and it’s $100 on its own. Once you get it, order some Pumpkin Spice Cake pods. Soooo yummy!!!

I have a small obsession with graphic tees, which is really kinda funny since I rarely wear them. I’ve found some of the absolute cutest Christmas ones, and they all have free shipping.

Just look how happy I am about these gummies. Seriously though, I do love a gummy vitamin and they are the kind I take daily. I was asked by this company to try these and review them on Amazon, but I thought I’d share them here too. Elderberry is a great immune booster, and don’t we all need that right now. Honestly, every winter I send an Elderberry supplement to Katie to help her stay healthy, and they seem to do their job. Zinc is know for not only shortening the length of colds, but I’ve heard it’s supposed to help with the whole Covid situation along with Vitamin C. So that makes this supplement, three for three. Zinc doesn’t taste particularly great, but the gummy form helps to make it more palatable. These are currently on sale for 15% ($3) off.

Elderberry Supplement

I’ve started working on my Black Friday post, and I’ve got more gift guides headed your way. What are you looking for? What can I help you with? Let me know, and I’ll see what I can come up with.

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