Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends. This week was went by at lightening speed for me. How about you? I had to run to WalMart Neighborhood Market yesterday for some groceries, and all of their Halloween Candy was already 40% off, so if you need some for tomorrow night, I’d check yours out.…

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Teddy Blake and Style Six

Happy Wednesday friends! I am trying to wrap my brain around today being the 28th of October. How can that possibly be? Next week we will be in full on holiday mode. Today I’ve got several really, like really, really good things to share with you. Teddy Blake and Style…

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Fall Fashion With Macy’s Part Two

Well, I’m back home, and getting in the groove. Today I’ve got fall fashion with Macy’s part two, to share with you. Are you kind of curious why the Macy’s fashion all of the sudden? I’ve shared Macy’s clothing from time to time, but I’ve been sitting on a H…

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Friday Favorites This and That

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in Nashville for two whole weeks. The time has flown by. I’ve had the best time (like I always do), and hate to see it end. Some of you may not know that we plan to retire here, and I can’t wait for that…

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Hi gang! Today we’re going to talk white jeans, and I have 5 fall looks with white jeans to show you. Now if you’re a southern girl like me, it may have taken you a while to get to the place you could do this without cringing, or feeling like…

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