Favorite Fall Transition Pieces

Tomorrow will be one week we’ve officially been in fall. You sure wouldn’t know it according to the thermometer this week in California. We are supposed to tap out at 100° today. It was it the upper 90’s yesterday, and looks like that’s going to be the trend this week. Of course y’all know I love it, so you won’t find me complaining. I did decide today to share a few of my favorite fall transition pieces with you though.


Let start with a cute pair of mules and why I love them. Mules are a great way to make the transition from sandal to shoe. It’s kind of like easing into into it and getting ready for booties and boots. Mules can be worn in a variety of ways and with everything from shorts, jeans, dresses and pants for work. I think a pair of neutral mules and a pair of animal print are both great to have in your closet for season changes.
Here are a few of my favorites:


Cardigans are another essential category for me. The only question in my mind is, can you ever have to many? There are so many varieties available. Just read these in your best Bubba Gump. Solid cardigans, striped cardigans, duster length cardigans, hip length cardigans, batwing cardigans, open front cardigans, button up cardigans, I think you get the picture. HA!
Some of my favorite cardigans:


Again, the question is can a girl have too many pairs of jeans. Well that all depends on who you ask. If you ask me, you’ll get a resounding NO, you can never have too many. If you ask my husband, you’ll get an audible eye roll. There are so many options in the world of denim. Time to summon Bubba Gump again…Jegging, skinny, cropped, flare, cropped flare, bootcut, cropped wide leg, straight leg, cropped straight, distressed, destructed, raw hem, chewed hem, high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, and of course let’s not forget all the colors and washes…need I go on? My favorites are skinny mid-rise, but I’ve also come to love my cropped wide leg, cropped skinnies, and itty bitty boot cut.
Here are some of my favorite [reasonably priced] jeans:

So there are just a few of my favorite fall transitional pieces. What are some of the things you consider to be necessities for making the transition from season to season easier?


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