Prime Wardrobe Try-On Part Two

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Actually, let me back up. How was last week? If you watched my Instagram stories, you know I was in hog heaven in my happy place, and I decided to go a little awol. We had the most wonderful vacation. The weather was great everyday except one, so I’m going to call that a win. We wore our masks when we were out and about (which wasn’t a lot), but life felt almost normal for the first time since mid March. It was a much needed repreive. You might remember at the end of last month I shared part one of my last Prime Wardrobe try-on, well it’s finally time for part two.

First up is this leopard tunic. Is it cute or what? The opportunities for this one to shine are limitless. It’s so cute with these jeans, but this would be a great work wear piece. Paired with a pencil skirt or dress pants, maybe even a blazer, and it would be perfect. The length will also lend itself to leggings. So see, limitless.

Can there ever be enough jumpsuits? I think not. This is another Daily Ritual piece, and you know how I feel about this Amazon house brand. It consistently impresses me. The fabric is fabulous. Soft and stretchy and of course it has pockets. #enoughsaid

I’ve been eyeing this tank for a while. It has the cutest crossover back. The knit is really nice, and I think you could easily morph it into a work look under a blazer. I’ve shared these leggings several times, but they’re worth repeating. You can barely tell in the picture, but they are camo. The material is awesome. Super soft, stays in place and they have a pocket on the side for holding your phone, credit card or something else small.

Last but certainly not least is this cute leopard sweater. Once again, Daily Ritual for the win. Seriously y’all, the quality of this line is a solid 10. This is one of those pieces that you’ll buy thinking you’ll wear it from time to time, and then find yourself reaching for it over and over. Look how cute it is with jeans and that pink tank. I think it would be a fun work piece depending on your work environment. Seems most offices are fairly casual these days, so I’m guessing you could pull it off with a skirt, over a cute dress or pants. Annnd, of course there’s always leggings.



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