The Weirdest Easter Weekend

Hey y’all! Welcome to the weirdest Easter weekend and of course Friday Favorites. Are you with me? It doesn’t really feel Eastery (let’s just pretend that’s a word), but I’m going to go with it. I’ll be totally honest and tell you that not having to worry about what to wear to church Sunday has been pretty nice. I feel pretty confident saying I’ll be “attending” church in my pj’s, just like the last several weeks.


What have you been doing to keep busy? At our house, Kent keeps normal business hours upstairs in his “office”, Katie is doing online classes, and I’m just doing my normal thing. We did start playing Mexican Train Dominos at night this week. If you’ve never played, give it a try. We love it. I ordered this hub and these wooden domino trays a couple of years ago and love being able to line up my order of play on them.

whipped coffee

Katie and I have a new coffee obsession. The whipped coffee that’s floating (hahaha, floating) around Instagram. We’ve been making it every afternoon as a treat. You need to stir the foamy part into your milk and it makes it nice and creamy. The foam on its own is really strong and bitter, but once mixed in, it’s yummy.


I made myself a mask…and wore it to WalMart to get groceries yesterday. Once upon a time (before our moves) I had tons of fabric scraps, but wouldn’t you know all I have now is flannel, so that’s what I used. Let’s just say my face stayed warm. LOL It felt weird to wear a mask, and I’d say it was maybe 50/50 on people wearing them, but at least I feel like I’m doing my part, and also protecting myself and my family.

Nordstrom sale

Nordstrom is having a b-i-g sale on certain brands. I think that maybe they’re going to do this for a few days, and then change up the brands, so it’s almost like a flash sale. Almost all of these things are 50% off. The pants in the lower left corner and top are the same ones I used to make my faux jumpsuit I shared here. The blankets are 50% off, and I’ve never seen them reduced that much. They make great gifts, and the red is perfect for Christmas. I have it and a blue one that I keep out all the time. I’ve also given them to both of our kids and they L O V E them. Grab a few and stick them in your gift closet. 😉

cookie sandwiches

If I make it out of this without the quarantine 15, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle. My college girl loves a treat. A sweet treat. This week she made these little bombs of goodness. They are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made using a small ice cream scoop, with cream cheese frosting (from a can) sandwiched between them. OH. MY. GOODNESS. They were delish.


Last night for dinner I made my version of nachos from a restaurant we like to go to. Y’ALL! They were so delicious!!!! Here’s the short version of the recipe.

  • Layer tortilla chips in an ovenproof skillet (or sheet pan)
  • Sprinkle a drained and rinsed can of black beans over chips
  • Top with rotisserie chicken mixed with the Key Lime Shrimp Taco sauce I shared in this post. (heat together in a skillet before spreading over chips)
  • Sprinkle with shredded Mexican cheese
  • Put in 400° oven until cheese is melted
  • Top with salsa, guacamole, and a sauce made from sour cream and/or greek yogurt with some taco seasoning, chili lime seasoning, and lemon or lime juice to thin out.

Don’t miss the Victoria Emerson BOGO sale. New spring wraps and cuffs, and BOGO is the best.

Here’s a little game for ya’

Okey-doke gang. That about does it for this week. I hope the weirdest Easter weekend treats you well. Just remember, we’re doing it, and this too shall pass. Enjoy the extra time with your people and try to think about all those times you wished you didn’t have to go to work. Your dreams have come true.

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