Target Dress Try-On

Hey y’all! Are you still a little spring forward hung over, so to speak? Let’s get no more changing to and from Daylight Savings time on the ballot. LOL Last week I did a Target try-on with tops, and today it’s a Target dress try-on. Target has soooo many cute dresses right now, it’s hard not to buy them all. This week they are 20% off with Target Circle, so there’s no better time to spruce up your closet.

Let me also say that if you think I’m tan…well it’s my new obsession, Loving Tan tanning mousse. Y’all! This stuff is seriously soooo good. I have never loved a tanning product the way I do this one. It dries almost instantly and literally has ZERO smell. That’s HUGE. I can’t stand the way the others always smell. I put it on with a mitt, and it goes on with a little color so you can see where you’ve applied it, AND the color begins to develop within 20 minutes. Be prepared for me to keep talking about it, because I won’t rest until you’ve all tried it. HA!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. I love smocking. This dress is adorable. It’s lightweight, so perfect for days when the weather isn’t hot, but isn’t cold. However, if you want to wear it when it is cold, you could easily put on some tights and boots or booties and be good to go.

How cute it this tie-dye dress? It’s so easy to throw on and go. Kent saw it on my Instagram story and told me yesterday he liked it, so it’s husband approved. #wink Now that they are all on sale, I also ordered the camo version to try. #whodoesntlovecamo This dress is going to be so perfect for hot days when you just really don’t want anything touching you. I also think it will make a great bathing suit cover up, and will look cute layered under a denim jacket.

I was super excited about this one and with good reason. It is adorable. This is a small and I think it runs a little big, so I just ordered an XS to try instead. This is another one that will be so great this summer when it’s hot, and could also be thrown on over a swimsuit.

More tie-dye! I am so happy this print is comin’ in hot! I love it, and the yellow and white is a great way to dip your toe in the water if you want to try it without being all in your face about it. This dress, like the others is also super comfortable, perfect for running around, or another great option to use as a bathing suit cover up. I love that these dresses are so versatile.

This one is cute, but the picture doesn’t really do it justice. It’s definitely cuter in person. I think it also might look better if I sized down in it.

This one is 😍ah-dorable. I was super excited to get it and wasn’t disappointed. I did however decide I need an XS because the armholes are big, and I’m totally sad it’s sold out in every color in XS. I’ve signed up for a notification when it’s restocked. The material is a really nice gauzy fabric. It’s not lined, but thick enough that it’s not see through. I think the occasions this would be suited to are almost endless. You could wear it everything from church, to work, baby/wedding showers to wedding guest.


So I ordered the red version of this dress first and thought it was super cute, but wanted to try the white. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. The white is positively precious. I am wearing an XS in the white and the red is a small. I think the white definitely fits better and looks better. This dress is fully lined and cute as all get out. Another one that has endless wearing possibilities. Just a run around dress, work, church, showers, or how cute would it be for graduating seniors that need white dresses or brides to wear to showers or on their honeymoon. This one is just too cute!

My jeans that I had on in last weeks post are also on sale for 20% off, and these sandals are headed my way, and I love these slip on sneakers. All shoes are 20% off too. So basically, this week is a great week to order all the new things from Target.

So tell me which of these from this Target dress try-on, which ones are your favorites? Are you going to order any?


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