Shopbop Sale and Friday Favorites.

Hey friends and happy Friday! Whew, what a week. Yesterday was the first day I felt caught up since returning from Nashville last Wednesday. I think today I’ll be able to take a deep breath. Today I’ve got Shopbop sale and Friday favorites to share with you.

First, let’s talk about Shopbop. What is it? Good question. I’ve never really understood it or how to shop it, and I still wouldn’t say I have a firm grasp on it. But I do know it’s a great time to pick higher end items you’ve been thinking about, that don’t usually go on sale, and get a discount on them.

It’s a tiered sale, which means the more you spend, the more you save. #retailmath Funny thing. I’m not exactly a math wizard, and my family will be the first to point that out. BUUUUTTTT, ask me to figure out a sale price and BAM, I am there for you!

Shopbop is an online retailer, and I just learned they are owned by Amazon. Who knew? That means you get to take advantage of 2 day Amazon shipping even if you’re not a Prime member, and you get free return shipping, but apparently only for 15 days. So be on your toes.

I shared this graphic on Instagram yesterday, but have it for y’all today. I’ve picked some things that are good basics and designer items you may be loving, but haven’t allowed yourself to get. #treatyoself #donttellthehubs

Shopbop Sale Friday favorites

Let’s talk about good things to grab.

Premium denim, like AG jeans. I have yet to personally break down and buy a pair of premium denim jeans. I really want to, and I wanted to purchase these, but they are out of my size.

Madewell items like my favorite tote, tops, and jeans.

Tory Burch! This is a great time to scoop up a pair of Millers. (not all are included) I got my second pair last summer. Yes, they’re that good. These are pretty much the shoes I wear everyday once the weather warms up.

I added some other things in that “caught my eye”. AND I didn’t realize when I made this graphic that the makeup and black Millers were excluded. #sosorry #sameforwhtbirkenstocks

True story: I have done this on at least two different occasions…put a pair of the Millers in my cart and they’ll take the discount off, and then go back later to purchase and it won’t work. Beats the heck out of me what’s going on? So the moral of the story is, try it and see if by some miracle you can pull off a discount on them. #nothingtolose

Below are things that are for sure included in the sale. Just click the picture to shop.

Now for some very random Friday favs.

If you’re family loves mashed potatoes and you don’t have a potato ricer, you should remedy that today. This gadget makes for the lightest most delicious mashed taters. Tip: I add sour cream or plain greek yogurt to mine, a little butter and garlic salt. They are delicious!

I’m seeing these pop up everywhere, so I guess I’m going to need to get on board and order some. This whole stack is only $27. I’ve seen similar styles that are as much as $40/strand.

How cute is this sponge holder. You thought it was Rae Dunn didn’t you? Surprise! It’s not. It’s another brand that makes adorable gift items.

I am in love with these wedges. This is one of my favorite prints and a nice alternative to leopard.

I did a Target try-on this week on IG with some IG friends. I saved the entire try-on to a highlight. These are the tops I shared on here on Wednesday’s post, and I’m going to share the dresses next week.

These are the jeans I was wearing with all the Target tops and they are also from Target. I’ve ordered a bunch of cropped straight and flare jeans trying to find a pair I like. Thanks to Kellyann, I finally found “the pair”.

I can’t believe this top is still in stock. It’s the perfect transition, layer piece. My necklace is one I wear most days and if you put in your address on the KS website to receive emails, you can get 15% off. 🙌🏻


Monday’s post was a round up of February’s Amazon purchases. You can read it here.

Well, that seems like a pretty good list of things. This Shopbop sale and Friday favorites post is a wrap, so I think I’ll sign off. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget the time change. #ilovelongerdays

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