XCVI Hoodie and White Jeans

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend…and a little less windy than ours was. It was CA-RAZY windy here, but hopefully today will be more normal. Remember last month when I shared this hoodie from XCVI? Well I’ve got at least two more ways to style it, (so far 😉) and I’m going to share one of those today. Just look how cute this XCVI hoodie and white jeans are together. Use Coast2Coast20 for 20% off the entire XCVI website.

If I didn’t believe it before, I most definitely believe it now. White jeans are for year round wear. I think they’ve made that known this winter, and I’m here for it. They look great with every single color.

I can’t really express just how soft this hoodie is, so you’ll just have to trust me. I guess I should have mentioned last time that I am excited to be an XCVI ambassador and I’ll be bringing you new styles monthly. These are really clothing items you’ll wear again and again. Things that will easily become favorites and you’ll find yourself reaching for over and over.

I’m also seeing that snakeskin isn’t going anywhere. So if you don’t have white jeans and some snakeskin shoes, you might wanna’ change that.😉 I’m really thinking I might need to grab this pair of snakeskin mules.

Now that you’ve seen my XCVI hoodie with white jeans, can you guess how I’ll be styling it next. Stay tuned. Don’t forget to use the code Coast2Coast20 for 20% off the XCVI site.


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