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I’ve told y’all if you want me to read something, just slap the word Amazon on it. HA! I went from a girl who never even thought about shopping on Amazon, to a girl who probably hits the site several times a day. Go figure. Are you ready to see what I’m Amazoning these days?

I’ve always loved pens, and I find one I like and stick with it for a loooong time. These Pilot ultra fine point have been my go-to for a few years now. They’re hard to find in stores, and when I do, it’s only black. #boring

MacBook cover, Amazon

I don’t know how it happens, but the corner of my MacBook covers seem to constantly break. Maybe it’s where I travel with them so often? This last one, cracked one day just sitting there…or at least that’s what it seemed like. Good thing they’re relatively cheap. I like this one so much, I got it for a second time. It’s slightly rubberized feeling and just looks good.

These belts are showing up on everyone and her sister. I was going to just get one, but heck, the trio was only a couple dollars more, so I sprang for them.

I’d like to be able to change out my watch band. These are 4/$9.99. That’s a great deal, and the packages of 4 come in quite a few color combos. I really think I’ll love the pink and the coral for summer. I’m also going to get this one at some point. You can read my Apple Watch review here.

This sweater is making the rounds and so you just know I had to order it. I’ll be sharing it soon here and on IG. It’s super soft and plenty long for leggings. It also comes in 14 other colors if cream isn’t you jam.

Shower Foot Rest, Amazon

THIS! THIS IS GENIUS! I’d been saying I was going to get one and finally ordered it a week or so ago. I used it Saturday for the first time. L O V E D it. If you have a large shower, and no place to rest your foot (other than the wall) when you’re trying to shave, YOU-NEED-THIS! (it’s also wider than it looks in the picture and very sturdy)

I wasn’t sure how large these would be, but they’re pretty big. So soft and great for pulling your hair back when you wash your face. The perfect little extra to add to a gift.

Not the best look, but you can see how it looks. HA! #thethingsidoforyou😉

A few months ago these were all the rage and everyone was talking about dermaplaning their face. I do it occasionally to remove any fuzz, and it also takes care of dead skin. They are super cheap, easy to use, do a good job and are disposable.

I just ordered these over the weekend to go with my new suede slip-on sneakers. I need a pair that are slightly thick and come up high on the heel to prevent rubbing. I’m hopeful these will be the ticket.

Last week I shared a Prime Wardrobe box I’d ordered. You can see all the items that were in it here. Prime Wardrobe is a great way to try clothing items before purchasing them. My only qualm with it, is that not all clothing is available, so you have to really take time to look. You can type in Prime Wardrobe and a lot of items come up, but you still have to spend time looking.

This dress was in my box and I sent it back. I kept thinking about it, so I re-ordered it. It’s just so good and will be perfect for travel and season changes. Super versatile and a screaming good deal.

This is another thing I just ordered. I saw it on someone on IG and thought it was super cute. It comes in (are you ready for this) 28 colors. Something for everyone. I’ll share on stories this week when it arrives. Fingers crossed.

Love this sweater. It’s a cotton blend, but feels like cotton. Me likey! Super cute with jeans, pants or a skirt for work wear. Pairs well with denim, and will look great with white jeans for spring. It comes in a total of 20 solids/prints and it’s a really good price. See one of the ways I’ve worn it here.

I have amassed quite the collection of prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. I forget what I have, so I got this where I can store them and change out what I’m wearing. #firstworldprobs

Whew! That was A LOT. Honestly, I didn’t realize I’d have that much to share, but when I went back to our order history, there it all was. It showed me exactly what I’m Amazoning these days. I wonder what I’ll be ordering this month? I guess we’ll both just have to wait and see. LOL Here’s to a great week friends!!!

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I’m linking up with Tanya tomorrow for her Amazon Prime linkup. I absolutely love seeing what everyone’s ordering, and finding new things to try. We’re quite the Amaz(on)ing community. #cheesyiknow



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