Last Friday Favorites of February

I don’t know about you, but I am not sad to see February come to an end. We can see that beautiful spring light at the end of the tunnel. Here in California, our Bradford pear trees have already bloomed. Spring just makes me happy, and therefore the last Friday favorites of February also make me happy. HA!

Friday Favorites

Of course I don’t have to tell you why this is the very first favorite of the week. This was Tuesday night before I left on Wednesday morning. I love these three and every single minute I get to spend with them.

I did a little more decorating in Katie’s apartment while I was visiting. This table had been neglected, and needed some love. I added a large glass jar, picture frame and faux plant (that looks very real). I think it turned out really cute.

Blurry picture, but yummy almonds. Almonds are a great snack, especially for people who are living a low carb lifestyle. I really like these Marcona almonds. They are more tender than regular almonds, and the roasted salted taste is delicious. They’re wonderful on their own, but ironically I had a salad while I was in Nashville that had them on it, and I will definitely be using them like that in the near future.

Last year I saw these at Costco, and didn’t grab one right away. Well this year, I didn’t let that happen. I bought one the weekend before I left for Nashville.

Friday Favorites

Kent sent me this picture Monday of them. I’m surprised how quickly they bloomed. They are so beautiful and once they finish blooming, I’ll put the bulbs out in one of the flower beds.

Some of my favorite comfy clothes come from Aerie. This is the new spring sweatshirt. It’s a great weight for spring, and the material is a fun corded texture. Goes perfectly with jeans now, and shorts later. (currently on sale for 30% off) OH and I’m still loving my new sneakers. I wore them a lot while I was on my trip.

Aerie sweater

As long as we’re talking about Aerie, how about this sweater?! I am in love. This is just like the sweatshirts I’ve been wearing all winter and L O V I N G, but in sweater form. It’s just the softest knit. You might feel like you’re wearing a baby blanket. It comes in 5 other colors, and as of last night they were 30% off. Sweaters like this are exactly what I like to wear as spring approaches. They’re warm, but not too warm, and the length makes it legging appropriate. #majorscore I plan to wear mine with these leggings.

snakeskin mules, Friday Favorites, Coast to Coast

EEEKKKK!!! I am all kinds of excited about these new snakeskin mules. Are they cute or what?! I wore them all day yesterday at bible study, and they were super comfortable. They have 1″ heel, so they are a smidge dressier than a flat-flat, but still casual. These come in 3 snakeskin prints and 3 solids, and now I want another pair. If you’ve been thinking about adding snakeskin to your closet, these are a really great option.


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