Victoria Emerson Bracelets and This & That

Hey y’all and Happy Friday!!!! Remember last week when I said sometimes I had a hard time remembering what I’ve already posted for Friday Favorites? Confession time. Sometimes I also have a hard time figuring out what to share. Yesterday was one of those days. My brain was so tired from a long day of bible study and I was driving the struggle bus. Lucky for me Victoria Emerson bracelets are on BOGO for the first time in 2020. They are having a Friends & Family sale. Well I’d say we’re all friends here, and since I love these bracelets and I’m a VE friend, by extension you are too. Maybe that’s a stretch, but lets just go with it. 😉So today Friday Favorites are all about Victoria Emerson bracelets and this & that.

This was my first Victoria Emerson bracelet. I was super hesitant to buy a cuff like this because as y’all have probably heard me say, my wrists are really small. Why the good Lord thought I would want thin wrists instead of thighs is beyond me. Well happily, it fits and I can wear it. Yahoo! My exact one is sold out #goodtaste, but the silver version is still available. Here are some more with the same feel.

My second VE was a wrap style from my blogging bestie Kellyann (check her out if your not already reading/following). This style has become my favorite. While I love my cuff, the wraps do fit me a little better. I gave quite a few of these as gifts for Christmas. On a side note: their customer service is top drawer. I gave Katie a wrap and when she took it out of the package, one of the beads fell off. I emailed them and they sent a replacement. No fuss, no muss. Love that. Here are some of my picks for wraps.

My most recent wrap is this one in shades of brown, rose, and burgundy. I love it and I guess everyone else did too, because it’s sold out. #majorbummer BUT here are some more wraps that have grabbed my attention. If you look closely, you’ll see I double stacked it with my cuff. You can never have to much arm candy. Can you? I’m going to go with nope.

So let’s think about all the occasions coming up that might call for a gift where a bracelet would be perfect. Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day if you celebrate with your squad. Easter baskets and of course graduations. When you do the BOGO on these they’re basically 50% off. One of these bracelets is perfect to put with a check for graduates. I like to do something that’s still a little personal and they’ll remember me by, even when gifting money. These are also great to stock up on and have a few on hand for when a girlfriend has a birthday, you forget a birthday #oops, or find yourself in need of a quick gift. I can always run in and grab one out of my “gift drawer”.

I promised you Victoria Emerson bracelets and this & that. Now for the this & that.

Valentine's Garland, Felt Ball Garland

How cute are these two Valentine’s garlands? I had a wooden pumpkin one in the fall and had been crossing my fingers Target Dollar Spot would come through with hearts for Valentine’s. I went in Monday to check and no luck. Went back Wednesday night and they had ONE. So I’m guessing between Monday afternoon and Wednesday night they put them out and went like hot cakes. My garland is from World Market. I have a bunch of these and absolutely adore them.

DIY Valentine's Bunting

If you want to make your own Valentine’s Day bunting, go HERE for a tutorial.

In case you missed it earlier this week I posted a new easy, healthy recipe on Monday and about a new leopard sweater on Wednesday.

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Have a great weekend friends and thanks for stopping by!

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