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Hi people!!! The first full week of 2020 is in the books, and it’s time for Friday Favorites. Y’all, I have to go back through FF’s from the last few weeks almost every time I write a new one. I can’t remember from week to week what I’ve shared. What does that say about my poor little brain? I know what my mom would tell me. “You just have to much going on.” I sure hope that’s what the explanation is. HA!

Raise your hand if you can relate!

A few weeks ago I shared on my IG story some of Katie’s baby clothes and a little collar that had a stain I didn’t know about when I put it away. I treated it with a couple of different spot treaters, but couldn’t get it all the way out. I bought this OxiClean and guess what. It did the trick. I’m a fan.

Ever say it’s the little things? Well, it truly is. New silicone baking mats are a little thing, but they make me so happy. If y’all could have seen mine that these replaced, you would probably have been disgusted. I know Kent was. When your husband comments on how bad they look, you know it’s B A D.

I bought this a while back and I’m finally getting around to sharing it. It.Is.Awesome. I hate putting masks on and getting my hands all nasty. This brush makes it so easy and makes them go farther. Double score. I gave them to Katie and Erin in their stockings too. Right now you can get them on TJMaxx’s site for a great deal, but Amazon has them as well.

Monday I shared why I’m trying natural deodorant and a giveaway. Go HERE and read the post to find out more.

Y’all know one of my favorite things to share with you is comfy, cozy clothes. Y’all also know that I find a lot of good options at Aerie. Honestly, I think I could wear something from them every single day. This hot pink turtleneck sweatshirt is one of my favorite fall purchases. I love the color, I love the style, I love the weight, I love the length…I just plain old love it, and it’s currently on sale for just under $20 and not the only Aerie item that made Friday Favorites.

Leopard sweatshirt, Coast to Coast Friday Favorites

This leopard sweatshirt is another favorite that I wear all the time. It’s also on super sale for less than $20. If your size isn’t available online, I was in our store last week and they had a ton of them in stock.

Aerie sweater, Coast to Coast Friday Favorites

All of these sweaters are on sale for a little under $18. Now is the time to grab these. There are a lot of colors still in stock, they’re super soft and go great with jeans and leggings.

Aerie sweater, Coast to Coast Friday Favorites


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