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Well I did it. I bought myself an Apple Watch. Last fall Katie bought one with birthday money, and after seeing it on her, and how she used it, I had to have one for myself. We now have the exact same watch. The Apple Watch 3 with the 38mm face. I’ll talk a little at the end about why I chose this model. I want to share with you my Apple Watch review in case you’ve been thinking about one for yourself, or a gift.

Apple Watch

Isn’t she pretty? Now let me just say that I know I’m not making the most of this bad mama jama…yet. That’s where y’all come in. HA! Let me know what I’m not doing that I should be. How am I not making the most of this thing? Teach me your Apple Watch ways.

The thing that really sold me on getting one was how it notifies you when you’re exercising/walking/running and you complete a mile. It gently buzzes on your wrist. So much easier than trying to look at my phone. I was especially interested in this feature when I was running. Of course as nature would have it, not long after I got my watch I decided I needed to give up running because I could tell it was taking a toll on my knees. I hated quitting, but had enough sense to know in the long run (hahaha long RUN), I’ll be glad I stopped. I had started hobbling up the stairs and knew that was no good.

In some ways my watch holds me accountable…when I let it. 😉I like to try and get 10,000 steps a day, but some days I just don’t make it, even when I work out. It’s hard to get the “steps” when you’re doing strength training and such, so you have to give yourself grace on the whole steps thing. You can set how many calories you want to burn and it will track it. Set how many minutes of exercise you’d like to get and it will track. It also will remind you to stand if you’ve been sitting still too long. I’m not gonna’ lie. I turned that off. I didn’t need my watch nagging me and bossing me around. LOL All of these “stats” are configured when you set up your watch and enter your personal data. You can however change them if you’d like.

Apple Watch

There are a huge array of face options available. Yesterday I decided to change to this one and see how I like it for a while.

Here are a couple of things I am really loving about this watch….

  • It buzzes (when I say buzz, I mean vibrates softly on my wrist, it’s silent) when I receive a text, and I can immediately see who it’s from and the first few lines.
  • It buzzes when I get a Snapchat
  • It buzzes when one of my friends is talking on Marco Polo
  • I can see what’s in my email

All of these mean I can simply look at my wrist quickly and decide if I want/need to take care of anything immediately. I’ve also figured out that it makes the sound notifications on my phone silent, since they are coming through on my watch. This basically means I never have to worry about putting it on silent.

I did get the cellular function on mine, but don’t have it activated on our wireless plan. I can however answer the phone on it as long as I’m on wi-fi. I can also respond to texts right on my watch. The other apps just notify you and then you have to use your phone to respond. (Snapchat, Marco Polo, etc)

One function I have yet to really use is Siri. I just forget that I could tell Siri to text Kent and not have to mess with my phone. I was reading another Apple watch review and was reminded of this. Old habits die hard.

I ordered a face cover for my watch and somehow messed up and didn’t realize what I was ordering. HA! I got this complete rubber like cover. It’s fine, but Katie has an extra one of these that I’m going to get when I go see her next month. I’d prefer it. I wouldn’t dare risk not having something to protect the face and keep from scratching or cracking it.

So how did I land on the Apple Watch 3 with the 5 being out? I figured reading an Apple Watch Review, (or 2 or3) and some blog posts about Apple Watch’s would be a good way to go. For me the new bells and whistles didn’t equate to the extra $$$. I think if I was super techy (which I’m totally not) I would have been more tempted, but for me the 3 is all I need. I also read that the 5 battery drains much faster because the face is on all the time. I charge my watch every night, so I’m not really sure how long the battery would go between charges.

I will throw this out there. My mom told me my dad wanted an Apple Watch. He NEVER asks for anything, so we were thrilled to be able to get him something he wanted for Christmas. I ordered him the same watch Katie and I have, but with the 42mm face. We ended up sending it back and getting him the Apple Watch 5. He wanted the EKG capability is has. He had a heart attack 9 years ago, and that’s a feature he thought would be good for him to have.

My concerns about spending the money on an Apple Watch were that I’d not like the size on my wrist, which I actually do. Y’all know I talk about my small wrists, but the 38mm fits absolutely fine and doesn’t look freakishly big. I was also worried I’d become board (the way I did with my FitBit) with it. I now can say I don’t think that will ever happen. Once you get used to having all of your technology right there on your wrist, you don’t want to be without it. I can leave my phone anywhere in the house and still have the capabilities of having it with me. I also really like that when I’m driving and it buzzes I can quickly glance at it to see what’s going on. All in all you can say I’m a fan. A convert. A believer. So much so, I included it on several of my gift guides and thought an Apple watch review was in order.


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Apple Watch Review

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