Holiday Cards Made Easy

Is there one thing that you love doing for the holidays, but it still stresses you out? For me, it’s my Christmas cards. I love sending them, and I really love receiving them. Especially Christmas cards with photographs. Not even gonna’ lie. When we receive a card with no picture, I’m almost annoyed. HA! Today I’m talking about the cutest holiday cards made easy.

This is a sponsored post, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

There’s no shortage of places to order holiday cards, and a new to me site is Basic Invite. Their website is filled with cards and stationary for every occasion including Christmas party invitation ideas.

I’m one of those who labors over the decision of the right card, and let’s be honest, no one else even knows what my choices were. On the Basic Invite site I was able to “mock up”, and order samples (for a small fee) of the cards I’m considering. Somehow, holding it in my hand, feeling it and being able to really see it, is so helpful in making that final decision.

There’s no shortage of designs either, and they are customizable with a sea of colors and 40 different envelope colors. But wait, there’s more. [HAHAHA!] Most envelopes are peel and seal. WHAT? No more licking?! If that isn’t enough of a selling point, they’ll even print the addresses on them for FREE, and for less than the price of a stamp, they will even mail them. Say what? That’s almost as good as sending an elf right to your house. Basic Invites address Capturing Service allows customers to share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media to request their friends and family’s addresses. The addresses are stored in the customer’s account and can be selected during the design process. Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all card orders.

Holiday Cards

Now you’ve ordered those beautiful cards, and received beautiful cards. What do you do with them? I hate to just toss them. Several years ago I came across this idea on Pinterest to basically bind them together with rings. It’s genius! They are like yearly memory books. I keep them on the coffee table during the holidays and we can look through them and reminisce.

Holiday Cards

Right now the cutest holiday cards are 30% off with code HOLI30 and thru December 15% off with code 15FF51.

You can find Basic Invite on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter

Are you a holiday card sender? If you are, then check out Basic Invite for the cutest holiday cards made easy. If you’re doing Cyber Monday shopping be sure to check my Black Friday Sales post. Many of the sales are carrying over to today.

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