November 1st Friday Favorites

Somebody slap me! KIDDING, please don’t! I can’t even believe that here we are, and today it’s November 1st Friday Favorites. I also can’t believe I actually got this together before leaving for Austin yesterday. You just know that as you are reading this, we are yucking it up. Today we’re going to WACO and touring all things Magnolia. I’ll be Instagramming it all day long, so make sure you are following along.

I should make these darling illustrations by Heather Stillufsen a favorite. She has the absolute cutest artwork. Just in case you haven’t realized it, this weekend is the time change. YUCK! I personally like it when it’s light longer. Once the time changes, I feel like I need to crawl into bed about 6:00. LOL

I’m still receiving (and loving) boxes from Rocksbox. Trying new jewelry all the time is definitely a favorite.

Let me give you a little reminder. It’s a subscription service that costs $21 month. You go on the Rocksbox website and make a wishlist and then you receive a box with 3 pieces to try…but before the box is mailed you have the opportunity to swap any/all pieces. #lovethat You can return the box as many times as you like and get new pieces to wear as long as you are paying the monthly fee. Have a special event and need jewelry but don’t want to buy it? You can get it from Rocksbox and then send it back. So easy. Use code COASTTOCOAST2XOXO for your first month FREE. #tryityoumightlikeit

I shared on IG this week how excited I was over finding these booties. They are exactly what I have been looking for. I LOVE the color. I ordered them for pick up in store and was able to get them the next day. I went back the day after that to try on another size and they were almost completely sold out. They only had an 8.5 left online, but when I checked Wednesday they had been restocked. I think these will go F A S T! I wore them most of the day Wednesday (until I had to pack them…LOL) and they were happily, pretty comfy. YAY!

I was in Target the other day and came across these. Somehow I managed to restrain myself from buying one. These are so so so so soft. For those of you counting…that’s four so’s…. super soft. If you love wearing a sherpa (like I do) then just imagine being snuggled up in one of these on your sofa with your favorite book or television show. Good news, they are currently on sale.


What I couldn’t pass up was the screamin’ good deal I came across on these Barefoot Dreams blanket. You know I’m a huge fan of the Barefoot Dreams cardigans, and I’ve thought about buying one of the blankets before. These are over 50% off right now, and the ones I ordered have already sold out. (so don’t procrastinate) These will make yet another great Christmas gift.

I didn’t intend for this to be an “all about blankets” post, but that seems to be what’s happening. HA! If you want a more affordable option for the Barefoot Dreams blanket, word on the street is this is it.

Hello comfortable. This was yesterdays travel outfit. I want to be comfy when I travel, especially when it’s a long travel day, but I also want to look cute. I think this outfit encompasses both of those. You can’t see the long sleeve tee underneath very well, but trust me. It. Is. Good! I got the black and gray. The material is such good quality, stretchy and hangs beautifully. I ended up sizing up, which doesn’t normally happen in this brand. The sweater is also really great. I think I’ll be wearing it a lot this winter. This is a small, and it’s plenty big. If it was available in XS, I would have ordered that. Oh and the shoes…they are awesome. I can’t believe how comfortable they are, and especially for the price. Katie, Erin and I all got them and love them.

Okay, that about wraps it up for this week. Hope you enjoyed November 1st, Friday Favorites. Have a great weekend friends and don’t forget to stalk us on Instagram.

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