Gift Guide for Him with 26 Unique Ideas

Happy turkey day week my friends. That means that we are really in the throws of Christmas shopping. Gifts are sometimes H A R D. I got you. I’ve gathered up twenty-six creative, universal, useful, fun gift ideas for the men in your life. I sure hope you find this gift guide for him with 26 unique ideas helpful. Oh and in case you missed it, click here for a gift guide for her.

Gift Guide for him
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1 – Patagonia Quarter Zip – Benny loves these and they are a great alternative to a sweatshirt.

2 – Embroidered College Pillows – Okay, these are a little pricey, but they are so cool and if they had one for my alma mater, I’d definitely love to have one. I’d actually like to get an OU one for our house since that’s Kent’s school. #boomersooner

3 – Pistachio Pedestal – This is just a cool little contraption. Not only are pistachios a healthy snack, they’re yummy. If you like to have nuts sitting around, this is the perfect holder for before and after😉Not mention, great for the man who wants nothing and thinks he has everything.

4 – Grill Scrubbin’ Stone – For the griller. Enough said.

5 – Trivia Book – We describe Kent as “a plethora of worthless information”. HA! Seems a lot of men love books like these. Great to keep in the bathroom. #sorrybuttrue

6 – Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug – Some people are really picky about the temp of their coffee. Me? I’ll drink it even once it’s cooled off. This would be a great “luxury” gift for your man to have at the office on his desk.

7 – Bose Audio Speakers Sunglasses – These are the coolest! Kent & I tried them when we were getting his earbuds and could not believe the sound that came out of these. If they were available in prescription, you’d see me sporting a pair.

8 – Beard Grooming Kit – BEARDS. I personally can’t wait for them to go out of style. LOL But until they do, there are a lot of guys out there who could benefit from this. #sorrynotsorry

9 – Salty Dog Knit Tech Gloves – Now that everyone walks around with a phone permanently attached to their hand, these are a great for winter. Wear your gloves and still be able to use that phone.

10 – Sous Vide Cooker – Okay, apprently these things are the bomb.💣They are supposed to cook the best meat EVAH!

11 – Air Pod Case Cover – Self explanatory🤪

12 – Fisherman Beanie – Same

13 – Smart Charge, Blue Tooth Transmitter – This just might be the best $25 you’ll ever spend. Well, maybe not ever, but it sure seems good. This thingy not only is a charger, but can make your car hands free bluetooth enabled, stream your favorite music from your phone to the car AND if you forget where you park, this will show you where your car is. #awesome

14 – 300 Dad Jokes – Kent loves a good Dad joke. This will keep him fueled with them and can also be a funny, punny game

15 – Sauvage Cologne – everyman needs a good cologne.

16 – Bose Ear Buds – I got these for Kent for his birthday. He’s a total earbud snob and luuuuvs them!!! PS, I’ve used them and they do sound great!

17 – Winter Season Maple Syrup Gift Set – a lot of guys are into cooking these days (not mine…LOL) But they enjoy unique gifts and trying out new things. How about some fun maple syrup options?!

18 – Moso Air Purifying Bag – Oh the places I can think of for this to be used. The closet, the car, the garage…any place that might be stinky.

19 – UGG Ascot Leather Slipper – How about a nice pair of leather slippers?

20 – UGG Suede Ascot Slipper – Not a leather lover? Okay, how about suede?

21 – Magnetic Phone Car Mount – This is a two pack. So many states are hands free now that a car mount is kind of a necessity. I like to keep my phone where I can reach it in the car just in case of emergency.

22- Digital Luggage Scale – Tired of dragging the suitcase into the bathroom and jumping on the scale? This is the easy way to go and a good stocking stuffer.

23 – Moldable Glue – No duck tape? No problem. Fix everything from frayed phone cords to soles of shoes.

24 – Car Essential Oil Diffuser – Does your man have a long commute? Let him wind down with some EO’s on that drive.

25 – Outlet Shelf – We really need this for our Echo Dot in the bathroom. Perfect for any space where counter top space is at a premium. Great stocking stuffer.

26 – Microplush Heated Throw – For the man whose wife provides her own heat. LOL If your always hot and your husband is always cold, here’s your answer. Also great for older people with poor circulation.

And how could I forget. How about a Smile Brilliant Ultrasonic Toothbrush? I recently started using this toothbrush and my teeth have never felt cleaner…not even after going to the dentist. #truth Use code COASTTOCOAST215 for 15% off anything on their site. Use this link for the chance to win your choice of a whitening system or toothbrush.

Whew! That was a lot. I hop you found something for your man, dad, brother or even yourself.

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