Tips for Buying the Right Running Shoes

I’ve mentioned that back in the spring I started running, and I’m going to do a post on that journey eventually, but today we’re going to talk about some tips for buying the right running shoes.

I’ve been wearing running shoes for exercising for at least the last 10 years. I had a bad bout of plantar fasciitis that lasted about 3 years and the podiatrist had me wear for the most part “tennis shoes” all the time for several months. This was murder for me because I’ve never been a girl to run around in athletic shoes. To say I hated it was putting it mildly. HA!

I went to a running store and got fitted for the right kind of shoe to best suit my foot. Since then, I’ve gone every 3-5 years to have them re-evaluated.

It was time to replace my current running shoes, and it’s been about 3 years since I’d been to the running store, so Saturday we hit it up. We had the sweetest girl help us and we both got new shoes.

There’s not an exact science for finding the right shoe for your foot, but it’s definitely a little more scientific at the store we visited than I’ve experienced in the past. We went to Fleet Feet (this is not a sponsored post) and they had a machine that did a scan of your feet and then gave a lot of information. Don’t not to worry if your store doesn’t have one of these machines. Sales associates in running stores are trained to help you. Any running store I’ve ever been will have you walk so they can see how my feet looked, if you pronate, are flat footed, and observe your stance and stride.

This was so cool and showed everything from foot size, width, arch, toe length, to heel width as well as some other stats. Here’s what I found to be really funny. Whenever I try on shoes, my left foot seems to be slightly bigger than my right, but when this machine did its thing, it said the exact opposite.

We discussed the shoes I’ve worn in past and what, if anything I wanted/needed to address. I’ve worn Saucony’s exclusively for 10+ years, so of course that was one of the choices she brought me. Running shoes may look like any other sneakers, but they are designed to help you run by providing cushioning, shock absorption and stability to help prevent injury.

Karhu Fusion || Saucony Everun || Mizuno Wave

We started with me trying on 3 different pairs and I walked around in them each for a few minutes. It’s amazing how good a new pair of shoes feel when your old ones have a lot of miles on them.

Saucony Everun

My foot has a pretty high arch, is narrow and I pronate slightly, so all of these are considered mild stability shoes.

Surprisingly my beloved Saucony’s ranked 3rd of the 3 pairs I tried on. The other two were brands I wasn’t familiar with #butthatdoesntmeananything.

Once I’d tried on all 3 pairs, I felt pretty sure I knew which pair I would go with, but there were 2 that were possibilities so I tried on one of each to compare. I ultimately chose a Mizuno Wave Inspire 15. #soundsfancyhuh They have a nice amount of cushion and just generally felt good on.

So when you go to purchase new running shoes what do you need to know?

  • Allow time. You don’t want to feel rushed and if you get someone who’s willing to work with you, it will take time.
  • You get what you pay for. A more expensive shoe will most likely have more technology and comfort features.
  • The most important thing to remember is fit. A shoe that doesn’t fit right not only can make your running painful, but also cause potential injury.
  • Purchase shoes a half to full size larger than your normal shoes. You want about a thumbs width between the end of your toe and end of your shoe. Your feet will tend to spread as you run and swell throughout the day.
  • Be sure the shoe is narrow enough at the heel to avoid slipping.
  • When trying on running shoes, wear the socks you plan to run in.
  •  A good pair of running socks will be made of moisture-wicking fabrics, such as polyester, acrylic or even a wool and nylon blend. A correct fitting sock should do three things: protect your feet, be comfortable and wick away moisture
  • Keep your running shoes just for running…not running errands

Shop for your runner here….

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