Every Friday Brings Favorites

Hey y’all! This was a short week and I’m not mad about it. Now that we’re past Labor Day it feels like things will get back to a routine. You know every Friday brings favorites. Some weeks there are more than others, some weeks have themes, and some weeks are a hodgepodge. This week falls into the latter.

Last Saturday Kent and I decided to go into San Francisco for the day. Usually when we go into the city we’re playing tour guide to friends and family, which we love. We’d been saying we need to go in and try some restaurants from time to time, so that’s just what we did. We also went to see the Painted Ladies. These were one of the sights I’d yet to see. Of course we also had to go to Ghirardelli for THE BEST ice cream…seriously, THE BEST! The hills in SF are plenty and steep and we earned every bite and calorie. LOL

Earlier this year I did a collaboration with Smile Brilliant and shared all the details in this post. After using the whitening system offered at my dentists office I had a lot of sensitivity. With the Smile Brilliant system I didn’t have any of that. I recently decided it was time for a touch up, so I used it again and was reminded of how much I liked this kit. I figured it never hurts to remind my friends of a good thing.

This is going to be a future post, but here’s a teaser. One of my very favorite candles is the Capri Blue Volcano. The smell is intoxicating, but these boogers are a little pricey. They burn down and there’s always a little left, so I figured out a way to make the most of them. Curious? Stay tuned. You won’t be sorry.😉

Some things are so good you just have to share them over and over again. This is my favorite lipstick. It’s a cream and just like the name suggests, it stays all day…or least most of it. Even with eating and drinking, this stuff hangs in there. I like to buy it from Nordstrom Rack because it’s about half the price of other places, but they’ve been out of my color for quite a while. Well good news friends, it’s back! I’m stock piling it…it’s that good.

If you’ve been around here for a while, then you know a few years ago I did a round of the Faster Way To Fat Loss. Since going through menopause, I had about 5 pesky pounds that I just couldn’t shake. The Faster Way To Fat Loss is a program that implements several different methods to help reset your metabolism and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can read more about it in this post.

Anyway (if you watch my IG stories, you know I love that word😂). Anyway, one of the parts that was new to me was low carb days. Katie told me about these turkey burgers she’d gotten at Trader Joe’s, so I grabbed a box for myself. I cook them in a little skillet with some nonstick spray and sprinkle this Cavender’s Greek Seasoning on both sides. This combo is
D E L I C I O U S and has zero carbs. So winner-winner, turkey dinner. HA!

Since every Friday brings favorites, in case you missed it this week, I also shared two posts on H&M. One with clothing and one where I shared some items from their home collection. I’m not sure if the home items are available in store, but there is a lot to choose from online.

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