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Hey friends! With all the “you know who” sale talk that’s been going on for the last month, and all the money I’ve been spending there, my new favorite friend Amazon, has been a little neglected. Not to worry, I’m ready to get back in the Amazon game, and I’ve been spending some time perusing the website. Today I thought I’d share my current Amazon wish list with you. (Plus I want to be able to link up with Tanya tomorrow for her Amazon link up😉)

We have killer eye insurance. I mean like the people at our doctors office and the place we buy our glasses has never seen anything like it. Anyway, I get 4 new pairs of glasses/sunglasses every year. I’ve decided I need a better way to organize them than just in the cases they come in. I’d like to be able to see them, because honestly, I forget about some of them. I’m thinking this organizer is just what I need.

This dress has been making the rounds in bloggerland and I’m feeling the need to get in on the action. It comes in a lot of different prints and would be really cute with booties for transitioning this fall.

This Boho top is another one that has me kinda swooning. I used to have such a conservative style, but have made such a swing to a more casual boho feel that I sometimes wonder who I am. HA!

Are you sensing a theme here? This is another top making the rounds and with good reason. I ordered this one in this beautiful pink, and I’ll share it soon.

These aren’t on my wishlist, but only because I already have them. These are old news, and I’ve shared them what feels like a bazillion times already. Just yesterday I was wearing them and as always, someone commented on how much they loved them. They’re big, but light and oh so fun.


I had to do it. I had to try these sheets that everyone is just raving about. Ordered them Friday and by Saturday night I’d put them on our bed. Y’all know I’m a fabric snob. I love me some cotton. These sheets are microfiber so I was a little leery. I’m happy to report we really like them. They’re super soft and they are a screamin’ good deal. Any size under 25 smackaroos. I challenge you to find sheets you’d want to sleep on that cheap anywhere else. 😉

EDIT: After sleeping on these for a few nights I’ve come to the conclusion that if you are in the period of life with hot flashes, microfiber is not what you want to sleep on. They feel great, but make you hot. 😩


As I’ve already shared with y’all, I’m heading to Nashville to spend some time with my kids and friends, and help Katie cozy up her new room in her apartment. I’ve been ordering things and having them shipped to her, so we can jump right in. I shared on What’s Up Wednesday our inspiration photos, and we’re going for a farmhouse /shabby chic feel. I’ve already ordered several bedding components, but wanted a big euro pillow, so these shams are possibilities. Katie said she didn’t like them, but I pretty much said, “trust me”. LOL Neither may work, but then again, one might be perfect. #timewilltell

1 || 2 || 3

One of the things I want to get for Katie’s apartment is a piece of furniture for her TV to sit on and also have some storage. I’m planning to hit TJMaxx and Home Goods when I get there, but if I don’t find what I’m looking for, I’ve rounded these up as some options. Who would have ever thought we’d be ordering furniture on the internet to be delivered to our doors? There are pluses and minuses to this method. The plus is we don’t have to figure out how to get it from the store to her apartment. The minus…we have to assemble it. If Kent was coming along, neither of these tasks would feel as daunting, but it’s going to be girl power to the rescue.

1 || 2 || 3

We may be in the market for a coffee table too, so I’ve got these marked as possible suspects. I like that they all have a shelf allowing for additional storage as well as functioning as a table.

Just in case you don’t know…setting a girl up in an apartment as about as different as it get from setting up a boy. When Benny moved into his apartment with a bunch of guys they had a hodge podge of stuff and he would’t tell me anything he wanted. Katie on the other hand…has a list as long as my arm. Can’t say I mind. She and I will hopefully have a great time pulling it all together. #wishmeluck

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