It’s Time for Friday Favorites.

Heeeeyyyyy y’all!!!! Today is 8-9. Do you get a kick out of numbers lining up? Looking at the clock and seeing 12:34, 1:23, etc… My grandmother was born 10-10-10. How’s that for crazy? I’ll tell you what else is crazy. That we’re already in week 2 of August. Slow your roll 2019! It’s already time for Friday favorites again. This week just flew by.

Coast to Coast Friday Favorites

I told y’all about these sweatshirts I ordered and they arrived this week. They are so soft and I love the longer length. They are perfect for wearing with leggings. I’m going to be wearing these non-stop this winter. They are currently on sale and are selling out quickly in the fun patterns, so if you’re interested, strike while the iron is hot.


A friend gave me one of these protein bars to try a while back. I carried it around in my purse until it was flat as a flitter, but wanted to at least give it a try. I’m so glad I did. They’re really yummy. I bought a box and I’ve been having one in the afternoons with my coffee. They are a little better deal here than in the store.


In Monday’s post I told y’all about these sheets that are making the rounds in the blogosphere. I don’t want to steer y’all wrong. They are good sheets. Soft as can be, but here’s my warning: the microfiber makes them hot for sleeping on if you are “of a certain age”. #youknowwhatimean


Did you see my Instagram story yesterday? 310 Nutrition sent me some samples of some of their products to try. I tried the Chocolate Shake on one of my low carb days this week and was pleasantly surprised with the taste of it. I made it with almond milk, added some crushed ice and used my immersion blender to make it like a milkshake. Made with almond milk, it only has 2 net carbs and 15 grams of protein. If you aren’t worried about the carbs I think you could easily add a frozen banana and some peanut butter to it and it would be delish. The 310 products are Keto and Paleo friendly, gluten, soy and dairy free and plant based. All the good things. If you’d like to try them for yourself use this link and the code 310RICHARDSONL for FREE shipping.

We discovered this coffee years ago and will get a box or two whenever we are in a Harry & David store. It’s not CHEAP! However, as luck would have it, I thought to check Amazon and found a screamin’ good deal on a large box. I ordered it, and it should be here in the next few days. It wasn’t Prime, but it was free shipping. If you like chocolate and you like cherries, you will LOVE this coffee.

That wraps up my favorites for this week. I’m off to get my stuff all pulled together to head to Nashville tomorrow. Y’all wish me luck with getting everything done for Katie’s apartment. You know how these things go. It’s like pulling at a thread and BOOM, something unravels. LOL


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