Friday Favorites…Mugs, Skincare, Jewelry and more

Hey y’all! Happy Labor Day weekend. I can barely wrap my brain around that. Where did the summer go???? This week flew by as fast as summer and now it’s time for Friday Favorites…mugs, skincare, jewelry and more. You know the drill, I’m linking up with Friday Favs crew to share, so let’s get to it.

Coast to Coast Friday Favorites

Do you know what’s better than having good friends? Having good friends who are also thoughtful. When I was in Nashville I got together with my college crew. We’ve been doing life together for the last 30 years. One of those sweeties brought us all a happy when got together for dinner. How incredibly sweet is this mug. Now when I drink my morning cup-a-Joe, I’ll be even warmer thinking about her.


OK…I try really hard not to beat y’all over the head with my Rodan + Fields. Sometimes I think a little too hard.😉 I’m no salesperson, but I am pretty passionate skincare. Until I tried R+F I didn’t use any form of skincare. Well with every year that ticks by, I find it to be more and more important to take care of my skin. I’m a firm believer in being proactive, but I also know some damage can be undone.

One of my absolute favorite products is our REDEFINE Intensive Renewing Serum. Instead of me bumbling my way through describing what it does, just read this for yourself ~ Formulated with Retinal-MD Technology, a form of Vitamin A that’s more potent than Retinol but gentle enough for daily use, this nighttime serum empowers skin’s natural renewing process to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while revealing vibrant, younger-looking skin. In just four weeks, you’ll have more refined, firmer-looking, smoother-feeling skin with less visible lines and wrinkles. Paired with the derma-roller, they work together to firm, smooth and refine the look of skin, while amplifying visible results.
I LOVE IT!!! I can tell a big difference when I slack off on rolling. Rolling is great for lots of reasons, but two of the top are your neck and helping to reduce acne scaring.

Through the 31st when you purchase the AMP MD system, the REDEFINE AMP It Up Special or REVERSE AMP It Up Special, you’ll receive an FREE container of Lip Renewing Serum. These little capsules are rich in antioxidants and help lips retain their natural moisture. I get a couple of uses out of each capsule, so they go even further.

I’m feeling generous #winkwink and have some mini-facials to share. Just take my Solution Tool (click here) to find out the best regimen for your skin. Then even if you aren’t ready to roll (see what I did there…LOL) use the tool and email yourself the results for the future. It’s a fun little quiz and you can’t fail. HA! Email me your address at
and tell me the regimen and I’ll send you a treat to try. I don’t have an unlimited supply, so it’s first come, first serve.


Let’s talk panties. These are my favorites. I’ve been wearing them a sweet forever and loving them. Listen up! They don’t show through leggings. Yes, you read that right. NO VPL! When they aren’t on sale they are $12 each, but from time to time there’s a promotion making them a steal. Now’s one of those times. You can get 7 for $37. Here’s the other thing I love about them, they aren’t bikini, but they aren’t granny panties. They’re the perfect in-between. #tryemyoumightlikeem


WAHOOOOO! You know how I feel about a good sale. Now that I’ve tried and fallen in love with this Victoria Emerson boho cuffs I can’t wait to get a few more. There is a site wide sale for 40% off. Yes ma’am. That’s a great deal. Here are a few of my personal picks…

Funny story. I had to take cookies to a function the other day and didn’t have time to make them from scratch. I’ve used the Great Value Peanut Butter cookie mix before and really (really) liked it, so I grabbed one of those and stirred in some of the mini peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s. They were D E L I C I O U S. Can I tell you I’ve had several people ask me for the “recipe”. I was almost embarrassed to fess up to my method.

Last but not least, I wanted to share my most recent Rocksbox. Seriously y’all, I am loving this service. Playing with new jewelry all the time is so fun.
I’d been wanting to try this Kendra Scott cuff and some acrylic hoops and got to do both. I bought the hoops.

Let me give you a little reminder. It’s a subscription service that costs $21 month. You go on the Rocksbox website and make a wishlist and then you receive a box with 3 pieces to try…but before the box is mailed you have the opportunity to swap any/all pieces. #lovethat You can return the box as many times as you like and get new pieces to wear as long as you are paying the monthly fee. Have a special event and need jewelry but don’t want to buy it? You can get it from Rocksbox and then send it back. So easy. Use code COASTTOCOAST2XOXO for your first month FREE. #tryityoumightlikeit


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