Vacation is My [Friday] Favorite

Hi friends!!! Well, I’ve been a little MIA this week and I gotta’ say, I haven’t hated it, but I’ve missed y’all. However, I couldn’t let the week totally go by without sharing a little and letting you in on a not secret. Vacation is my [Friday] favorite! Shocking! Right? LOL We are enjoying every single minute of our week at the beach.

The weeks leading up to our vacation, the weather was looking dicey, but it has turned out to be just perfect. #thanksbarry Sunday was slightly overcast, but the rest of the week has held nothing but bright, sunny days for us, filled with all things sand, surf, pool, seafood and of course ice cream. Basically the perfect ingredients for the best vacation.

The Oyster House, Coast to Coast

These four! We are so happy they could all come on vacation with us, even though Benny and Erin could only stay part of the week. #welltakewhatwecanget

Coast to Coast, Orange Beach, AL

They say you never feel your age and I am totally a believer. I feel more like these kids are now our friends, and besides that, it’s even stranger to think we are now, old enough to be taking our grown kids along on vacation. I’ve always hoped for this, and thankfully they are happy to oblige. Don’t tell, but Kent and I secretly talk about how fun it will be when we have some tiny people along on these trips. #notforawhilethough

We managed to find another beach dweller to take a family pic for us.

Y’all know I’ve never made a secret out of me not being a reader. Basically the only time I read is when I’m by the pool/ocean. I actually bought this book as a back up last year for vacation after a bunch of you girls recommending it. I’m almost done and I’ll tell ya’, y’all weren’t wrong. I’m really liking it. Thanks for the recommendation.

My (baby) brother (we’re only 13 1/2 months apart) and his family were here for part of the week, so it was fun to get to see them a couple of times.

Coast to Coast, Orange Beach, AL

I wanted to send my parents a picture of all the grandkids.

Coast to Coast, Orange Beach, AL

And of course it doesn’t take much coaxing for me to ham it up.

It’s not a beach vacation without a good game of mini-golf and some good natured ragging on each other.

Coast to Coast, Orange Beach, AL

Brought along my new beach towel and hat to keep the sun off my face. It really amazes me that even with SPF50 on my face and this new hat with built in UPF, my face still manages to get sun.

Wednesday night we met my brother and his family at a place called ‘The Yard’ for ice cream. They specialize in these crazy milkshakes. These things were $14 each. WHAT? My niece and nephews got these, but we just got scoops of ice cream and that were much more reasonably priced.

I shared this outfit on Instagram yesterday. I’ve told y’all before how much I love these jeans. They are so soft, stretchy and comfortable and the top is cute as a button. I’m surprised it’s still in stock. It runs big, so order a size down. Both the jeans and top are on sale.

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