Summer Fun with Essential Oils

For some kids, schools been out over a month, and then there are some that have only been out a couple of weeks. Whether is the first or second scenario, never fear, this months subscription box from Simply Earth is all about summer fun with essential oils. We are making all kinds of things the kids will love and be happy to make with you. #learningcanbefun

What says summer more than bubbles and slime? HA! What’s better than making it yourself with your kids and knowing exactly what is in it? I’m just full of questions. LOL

Every month my subscripion box comes with 4 essential oils, 6 recipe cards, sticker labels and some of the little extras needed to make the recipes.

Simply Earth Essential Oils
Essential oil recipes

This months recipes are kid friendly, fun and will even encourage sleep. #yourewelcome

Essential oils with kids

Let’s start with slime. I think every kids loves some slime and this version will even be good for their hands. With Tangerine oil, Lavender oil and Coconut oil, it’s a natural moisturizer.

Slime made with essential oils

This was much easier than I thought it would be and didn’t involve any glue, which I hear is what a lot of homemade slime calls for. You can use food coloring to make it whatever color your kids love, but for me…I chose purple. I think no matter how old you are, there’s something oddly satisfying about playing with the jiggly mixture.

Show me a parent who doesn’t want their kids to sleep well at night and go to bed easily and I’ll show you…well, I don’t know what, but I’m guessing all parents can get behind this idea. Put this magic mixture of epsom salt, coconut oil and Sweet Dreams EO in the bath and they’ll just think it’s fun.😉No one has to know you have an ulterior motive. #winning Put it in a cute little jar like I did (found it at Michael’s) and these would make great gifts for anyone of any age.

Next up, a DIY scented stress ball! I love it! I’ve never really thought about what’s inside one of these, and it certainly never occurred to me to try and make one. It was so easy. I had it laying on the counter yesterday and Rosalee asked what it was. She loved it. She’s taking an online class this summer and was getting ready to take a quiz. She asked if she could take it upstairs, and I was like “of course”. She commented several times on how good it smelled. For those of you who don’t watch my Instagram stories and may have missed this little info, Rosalee is our friends daughter who is living with us this summer and working out here in CA where she can make a lot more money due to minimum wage being higher than most of the country. #savingforacar

Homemade bubbles with essential oils

You know what kids love as much as slime? Bubbles! How about making your own? You can find bubble wands like this in most dollar stores, etc… Once it’s empty, you can just whip up your own bubbles to refill it.

Essential Oils roll on

After you give those little people a good soaking and get them all squeaky clean, roll a little of this Sweet Dreams Roll On on the bottom of their feet, and off to bed. Did you know the best places to use oils are on pulse points, like the inside of your wrists, sides and back of neck and the soles of your feet?

Every subscription box includes a diffuser blend and this month it’s a Homework Diffuser Blend. Have a kid in summer school? This is for you. No summer school? Just hold on to it for the fall or enjoy the smell of Fir Needle and Tangerine now.

Ready to try this subscription service for yourself? Use my referral link here and then my code COASTTOCOAST2FREE and receive a $40 gift card towards a future box or something else on their site and a FREE bonus box, full of all the little extras to help you make all the recipes. Then you can get in on the fun of summer fun with essential oils. If you want to get an idea of what some of the past boxes have been, then check out these posts…
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