My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog Picks

Okay y’all, here we are at the most stressful sale of the year. HAHAHA! Isn’t it pathetic? Hard as I may try not to buy into and get caught up in it, I just can’t resist. Do you feel the same? Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who couldn’t give two hoots about it. I don’t typically post on Thursday’s, but this is an exception because I want to share are Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog picks in case you want a little guidance before tomorrow.

The sale goes live for some shoppers today (not me) and the rest of the card holders tomorrow morning at 9:30 PST. If you’re not a card holder, then it opens to the public on July 19. Several years ago I got a Nordstrom credit card just to be able to get early access because so many things do sell out before it opens to the public. If you want to shop early like me, apply here and get a leg up on the bargains. Not to mention, you’ll earn rewards. I save mine all year to apply to the sale.

I think the thing I want the most is this cardigan. It’s been around for several years and seems to be a classic piece. I ordered it last year and it was too big, then I couldn’t get the size I needed. Womp-womp. I’m going to jump on it this year. This sweater in previous years has been so soft, so I have high hopes for this years!

HINT: When shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, over order. Sounds ridiculous, I know. If you aren’t sure what size, order two and return the one that doesn’t work. All too often when you order one size and it doesn’t work, by the time you figure it out, the other sizes are all gone. Then you live with regret, and trust me, nothing makes you want a sweater like knowing you can’t have it. LOL

Last year there was a pair of boots very similar to these and I was very tempted. Actually, I ordered them and returned them and kinda regretted all winter long. This heel height looks perfect. Not too tall, not too short. Fingers crossed.

Booties! Every year the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has a new selection of booties. Naturally I don’t need to replace mine or add a new pair every.year. but this year I think I’ll go for these. Again, the heel height looks perfect and very wearable.

Zella Live In High Waist 7/8 Leggings

Okay Zella lovers! These are for US. I have a cropped version, the long version and last year I got both Katie and Erin a pair and they loved them. The 7/8 length on these and the side pocket have me all 😍. I want to try a print pair because #cute. I order mediums in these leggings (and most other leggings).

As long as we’re talking Zella, here’s a super cute workout tank that comes in several colors. I bought my first Zella workout tank earlier this year and it’s quickly become my favorite. Zella workout wear is made out of just the best fabrics. #trustme

So apparently this is THE COLOR of lipstick we are all supposed to be wearing. I think it’s like the number one color or something. You know if it’s number one, I have to give it a go.

The anniversary sale is the perfect time to experiment and try something new. They have a lot of cosmetics at special pricing that will go up substantially after the sale, so act now. The colors in this palette look like great neutrals that will make for a gorgeous natural look.

I’m seriously contemplating this coat. It’s so pretty and when we travel during the winter I could use one. I adore this color.

What are your thoughts on Moto jackets? They seem to have some staying power and can be worn really casually but also put with a pencil skirt for a little bit of an edgy work look. I’m really liking this one and the price is great.

Since I hardly have to wear a coat/jacket, I’ve got a great collection of cardigans. I figure a leopard print ought to about round it out. One very similar to this made the rounds last year and looks like it will be again this year. Nothing like a little leopard to add a pop to all the neutrals.

SNAKE SKIN! Are you in? I bought an almost identical pair of loafers in the spring and love them. They are so great for seasonal transitioning and a nice alternative to our beloved leopard shoes and booties. Speaking of booties…How about a snakeskin pair of those too. I’m really, really tempted and likely will at least order them to try. 👇🏻

Aren’t these gorgeous? What I really love is that I think the colors will go with almost anything. They’re warm tones so browns and neutrals will work, but the grays will go with blacks and grays and I really think they might work well with olive too. #superversatile.

Here are a few more things I spyed with my little eye in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog. I can’t wait to see what else is online, because the catalog is really just a teaser. There will be so much more available than I had access to when making this post and I’m fairly sure the ever popular Spanx Faux Leather leggings I bought last year will be part of the sale. If you’ve been wanting to try them. PULL.THE.TRIGGER

When shopping the sale if you go to it through any of my links and order anything else while on the site, I will get a little credit for it. I really, really appreciate when you make purchases that way and help me further Coast to Coast.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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