Five Fresh Friday Favorites

Hi friends! Today I’ve got five fresh Friday favorites to share. Say that five times fast. LOL I hope you had a wonderful July 4th. Ours was very low key and relaxing. We’re in what I’d call a lull in life. We don’t have kids at home and are waiting on the next phase of life that includes little people. I mean aren’t all holidays just more fun with littles running around?

Coast to Coast Friday Favorites

As always, I’m linking up for Friday Favorites with the girls above, so let’s get right to it.

Mango Shave Cream, Friday Favorites

Now that we all seem to be obsessed with all things Trader Joe’s and share our latest obsessions, there’s always something new to try. My friend Carrie recently shared a Trader Joe’s haul that included this honey mango moisturizing cream shave. It truly is a cream and feels very silky. It makes shaving easy and I think I can go longer between shaving. #yesmaam

Y’all know I love my Rodan + Fields foaming sunless tanner, but I just had to try this St. Tropez Bronzing mist. (currently on sale👍🏻) Well the verdict is in. The pros: The quality of the tan it produces is gorgeous and lasts about a week. The color is even, a non streaky tan that doesn’t look funky on knees and ankles. The cons: You have to apply it, leave on 1-3 hours and then wash it off. This means you need to plan ahead. I find a day during the week when I’m doing stuff at home and apply it after I work out and just put my workout clothes back on for a few hours. I use my R+F to extend it a few more days. The R+F foaming sunless tanner (feel free to visit my website goes on easily, applies evenly and dries quickly. You can get dressed as soon as it dries and go on with your day. The two together make a great combo. While we’re talking tanning products, I’m still using this St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist and really, really like it too. I am religious about keeping sunscreen on my face, but spritz this on a few times a week and I look like I’ve got a natural tan. #workslikeacharm

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish, Coast to Coast

What’s more fun than new nail polish? Winning a unique designer nail polish that is perfect for displaying on your vanity. This is a Christian Louboutin nail polish. I got lucky and won this from Shannon (Oysters to Pearls) on Instagram. The handle on it mimmicks the heal on a shoe. I joked and said I’d keep it in my nightstand as a weapon in case of a break in. HA!

I bought this tee in white and loved it so much I had to get another one. I ordered this gorgeous blue-gray color. My jeans that I ALSO LOVE are on sale for 60% off. They are GREAT. Super soft and stretchy and oh so comfortable.

One word...ROCKSBOX! I am working in partnership with them for a few months. So far I’ve received 4 boxes from Rocksbox and it’s so fun to get these in the mail, open them and find out what I get to try. You get to preview what your stylist has picked, and can switch out pieces before your box is sent. I typically have exchanged one or two of mine for something else. For $21 a month you are sent 3 pieces of jewelry at a time to try and wear. Wear them as long as you want or trade them back in as often as you like, as long as you are paying the monthly fee. Each month the $21 can be applied to any of the pieces in your box, and if you buy all 3 pieces you get an extra $10 off. Use my code COASTTOCOAST2XOXO for your first month FREE.

That’s a wrap friends! Hope you enjoyed these five fresh Friday favorites. Have a great weekend and I hope you’ll subscribe to receive posts by email. Just scroll back up to the top and fill in the box on the left above my picture. You won’t get spammed, just an email anytime a new post is published, so you never miss out. I’d also love it if you’d follow me on InstagramFacebookPinterest and Twitter. The more followers I have, the more exposure I get means more opportunity for growth and sharing things you’d be interested. It’s a win-win. Just click the little icons below or the links above and thanks a million!


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